You Can't Stop Seeking

You Can’t Stop Seeking

Have you ever felt blessed? I’m sure you have at one point. It’s great to feel when God comes through and you feel everything fall into place. However, sometimes when we get blessed, we thank God but then we feel like we don’t need to reach out to Him as much.

I know I’ve been there. When the trouble comes, I’m constantly praying and crying out to God. But once He’s done my miracle or blessed me, the amount of time I spend seeking Him dwindles. We are fault humans and sometimes we seek God’s blessing more over just seeking Him for who He is. But the thing is that we can’t stop seeking God no matter what. Our relationship with God is more valuable than just the things He can give us.

God is Always There

The end. There’s no ifs or buts about this. He’s there in the good times. He’s there in the bad times. God shows up in our lives, we need to show up for Him too. I remember going through a tough dry season and not knowing if God even heard me. There were so many times that I thought what was the point if I didn’t see anything happening. But deep down I knew I had to keep praying. God is there working even if you don’t feel Him speaking loudly. God never leaves you. Even His silence means something.

On the flip side, I know there have been moments where I felt so blessed by God. I remember thinking about how great life was. I would post a quick shout out to God on Twitter and then I jumped into my blessings. But that’s it. I was too caught up in my happiness that talking to God was put in the back burner. Sometimes we feel that since blessings come from God, us rejoicing in them is the same as tending to our relationship with Him. Don’t stop seeking Him because you feel things are good. This time is the best opportunity to genuinely get to know Him.

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Keep Praising

If you haven’t heard “Do It Again” by Elevation Worship, go do that now. The song talks about God coming through for us every time like He’s done before. It’s a constant reminder to see how God is always there and will always make sure we’re taken care of. Our relationship with God is not just for whenever we feel like it, it’s a constant thing.

The end of 1 Chronicles 16:11 (NIV) says, “ Seek His face always.” It’s always that we need to remember. Don’t stop once you feel you got something out of it. Seek God and don’t stop.

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