Work Wear Tips for the Lazy Girl

Work Wear Tips for the Lazy Girl

So, I live vicariously through my fashion board on Pinterest. As much as I want to dress up in these pretty outfits, I wake up too early and life just doesn’t start that early for me. But something happened one day and I decided to try. Honestly, it’s not as hard as I thought because you can do small things to immediately dress up an outfit. When I say little things, I really mean a small change. No need to buy a whole new wardrobe! Such a lifesaver and a finally a way I can stop looking like a hobo. I literally did this and so many were complimenting me. Here are my tips for all you people that simple roll out of bed like me and need to look put together.

Tuck it In

Okay, this is such a small thing that makes a huge difference! I have a lot of slouchy tops and simply tucking a corner in made an outfit looked much more polished. I invested in a really nice, fitted button up, which tucked in looks extra work wear appropriate. Seriously, try it. Tucking in makes so much of a difference.


I’m all for comfy shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love heels but sometimes you have to be mentally prepared to wear those on a long day. Booties, I found, were my perfect alternative. I feel like they are a bit more comfortable than a traditional heel and putting them on, it already looks like you put effort into your outfit.


Well, this is more of an opinion but capes are super cool. There’s a lot of tailored ones that look super professional. But if that’s not your jam, a classic blazer goes a long way. Seriously, you can be wearing a plain top and a blazer can immediately make it look more work wear appropriate. This might be the most obvious but seriously, get a blazer! It’s the easiest thing to put on and makes a big difference.

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What’s your go to fashion tip to dressing up when you’re not feeling it? Let me know!

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