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I received this book from BookLook for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

I may not look like it, but I’m a sucker for a good love story. I love stories that build up to a sweet moment. Just with the name, I knew I wanted to read The Wedding Shop. I mean, weddings are the ultimate indications of love. I was really in the mood for something sappy. Maybe it’s the leaves changing that makes me wish of happy things.

The Wedding Shop is based on Cora and Haley. Cora lives in the early 1930s and Haley is in the present. Cora owned the wedding shop in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee, where in present time, Haley grew up in. Haley was fascinated with the old wedding shop that had been closed down.

Cora was unmarried and lived with the pressures of it, while Haley made unwise choices in her past and was returning to Heart’s Bend to heal. Haley regains her desire to reopen the wedding shop, despite all the oposition. Cora is madly in love with someone who doesn’t seem so trustworthy. Eventually through the tough circumstances, both women realize what they really need. Although they live in different eras, their stories connect them.

What I loved about the book is that you’re living through their growing pains. You will feel frustrated and want to tell them what to do, but that makes a good story. The book chapters go from Cora’s perspective to Haley’s, however, they do have some characters narrating their own so you must be paying attention. It was an enjoyable read. I felt like Cora’s story was wrapped up nicely, while Haley’s felt a bit rushed at the end.

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Overall, it was a cute book. A quick read especially with the down time you may have during the holidays!


What books have you read lately?

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