Words: Swipe Right | Levi Lusko

Words: Swipe Right | Levi Lusko

I received this book from BookLook for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

I picked this book up not really knowing what to expect and because I just wanted something to read. I remember seeing tons of people I follow post about Swipe Right by Levi Lusko when it came out. So when I saw it, I picked it up. I wouldn’t say this is a dating book but it is an important book for people in relationships, single folks, and honestly everyone else to read. Swipe Right talks about sex and lust and what could happen if you act upon them out of the will of God.

The reason I say this isn’t a dating book is because dating books talk about sex in the context of saving it for marriage (which is great) and more in that aspect. In Swipe Right it talks about it as sin outside of God’s will in relation to everybody. Levi talks about the importance of knowing to control yourself and guard your heart genuinely. It’s not just a how to book to not commit sin, but an exploration of experiences and stories that just let you think about it. 

I’m kind of glad that I didn’t know too much about this book before I got it because if I did I would have passed it over. Sex and lust can be awkward to talk about but it is important in a society that isn’t valuing relationships as much anymore. Plus, you can take Levi’s advice and apply it to other areas in your life as well. It is definitely a good book to read if you’re curious or just want to learn a few new things about strengthening parts of your walk with God. Overall a solid book.

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