Words: Faith Forward Future | Chad Veach

Words: Faith Forward Future | Chad Veach

Chad Veach is probably one of my favorite speakers ever. That guy can capture your attention and drop some truth into your life. His book Unreasonable Hope had me crying and I ended up reading it in about a day because I could not put it down. So when I heard about Faith Forward Future, I was ready to read it. Here’s some thoughts on the book.

About the Book

The book hits on the questions that are left when things in your life fall apart. All those plans and dreams that just didn’t happen and where to go next and how God is in the middle. Getting past disappointments and delays in your life is hard. The book takes a look at what God has planned and even why He may let things happen. But also explains how sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and go with it.


As someone who is constantly trying to figure things out, this book was timely. It wasn’t a cheesy book telling you that all your dreams will come true one day. But it is an honest explanation that sometimes things are going to fall apart and things will suck but the story is not done yet, even if it’s not the way you planned it to be. Chad writes as he speaks so you’ll find it humorous, although he’s talking through some tough truths.

It’s very honest where it doesn’t get my hopes up that as soon as I’m done reading everything will magically become great, but it reminds you to keep going and God will do something.

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Check out Faith Forward Future on Amazon. What books are you reading?

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