Why You Should Consider Sponsoring a Child

Why You Should Consider Sponsoring a Child

Changing the world is easier than ever and there's so many opportunities. Here's why you should consider sponsoring a child.

It’s kind of crazy to think that regardless of all the advances in technology, inventions, etc. There are still people around the world who don’t have access to this. While we’re lining up to get the newest iPhone, some don’t have access to clean water. It’s a crazy disconnect. But there are ways to change this. Sponsoring a child is an easy way to make a change in the world. Imagine simply having to donate a small amount and changing someone’s life completely? We can so easily make a difference. Here is why you should consider sponsoring a child.

Also, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just want to share some amazing organizations and show you some cool opportunities to give back! Here are some reasons you should consider sponsoring a child.

You Say, But I Don’t Have Money

Look, I feel you. I have bills and student loans to pay. The thing is some of these organizations don’t ask for too much. I sponsor through Compassion International where it’s only $38 a month. I know myself and I would spend that amount eating out and clothes. So why not put it towards something better? Take a month and budget and see how it can fit in. I’m not going to lie, it was still an adjustment. I worried about the months where the money is tight. But I can learn to live without a few luxuries and sacrifice a few things because these kids have to live with that reality every day. I won’t deny that it is a monthly commitment that is not easy to make so make sure you research thoroughly,

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Generosity Changes People

I admit, it took me a long time to actually sponsor a child. Even while I was looking over Compassion International’s I would close the page and reopen it over and over because I didn’t know it sponsoring was for me. There are also so many kids that need help and I felt so overwhelmed because there are only so many kids I could sponsor. I decided to sponsor two kids, a girl my niece’s age and a boy my nephew’s age and I choose the ones who had been waiting for the longest for help. I honestly had second thoughts and I remember just staring down at my phone, pushing submit, and tucking it away in my pocket. Soon enough they sent me all my information and more information about the kids I sponsor and I felt such joy and I knew I made the right decision.

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It’s honestly so simple and easy to sponsor someone and I think we’re the ones who over complicate things. Personally, it made me realize that I have such a cushy life and I could do without my trips to the coffee shop if it means providing a better future for someone. But it made me so aware that there is so much work to be done and we need to give more to others. Even the smallest thing can make such a difference.

Where You Can Sponsor

There are a lot of organizations you can sponsor from here’s a few. As I mentioned, I sponsor through Compassion International and I’ve had a great experience. They make everything so easy and you can easily contact the kids you’re sponsoring and build a connection with them. There are kids from South America to Africa. Watoto is another great organization. They actually have options to help sponsor the moms of the kids and babies. You can also do one time donations. Similar to that is Love Does. They have kids from Iraq, Nepal, Uganda and you can sponsor them or also give a one-time donation. Another great organization is Save the Children. You can sponsor kids from all over the world. They also have the option to sponsor a child here in the United States. There are so many kids that need help and you can help even in the smallest way.

I hope you consider sponsoring a child in need. It will be worth it.

Also, if you’re curious how these organizations (or any other charity) use their finances and other details about them, check out Charity Navigator. They break down how expenses are spread out and you can also find other organizations to support.

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What are some ways you give back? You can also check out some shops that give back with your purchase here!

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