Why Palm Springs is the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Why Palm Springs is the Perfect Weekend Getaway
This post is sponsored by Palm Springs but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

California is a great place. There’s always a fun way to spend the day. Off tucked in, in the desert is the lovely Palm Springs. If you need a place to get away, this is the place to go. Palm Springs is beautiful. You’re at the foot of the mountains and there are palms lining up the streets. It has such a great local scene that makes it worthwhile to visit. Here’s why Palm Springs is the perfect weekend getaway.

What to Eat

Food is a big thing in Palm Springs. There is an endless amount of places to choose from. Nightlife is really vibrant so you will always find something to eat and enjoy. Here are some spots I visited on my trip. 

Brandini Toffee 

I have a huge sweet tooth. There’s a lot of charming local places and one I needed to visit is Brandini Toffee. The shop was founded in Palm Springs and has gained notoriety. From pretzels to brownies, you will find delicious toffee goodies.

Grand Central

In Downtown Palm Springs, there’s Grand Central. I stopped there for breakfast but they also offer lunch and dinner. It brings together the new modernism in Palm Springs with the classic. It also has an art gallery with local art.

Ernest Coffee

As a coffee lover, I knew I needed to visit a local coffee shop. This is Palm Springs only independent coffee shop. The shop is 21+ since they serve alcohol but it’s a must visit. Ernest Coffee has fresh pastries and quiche baked every day and some of the nicest baristas I have encountered. I would go back for some coffee here.

Things to Do

Palm Springs is a place to go to chill and do fun things that won’t tire you out. Whatever type of your activities you’re into, you can find it. I love walking around and just wondering and finding new places. 

Walk of Stars

One of the charming things about Palm Springs is that they have a Walk of Stars with notable people who have lived in Palm Springs. You can just walk down the street and encounter tons of stars. So it’s cool to see who has made this place home.

Shop Local

There are tons of cute spots to shop locally. One of my favorites was Thick as Thieves. It has homemade goods and tons of unique finds relating to Palm Springs. It was an aesthetically beautiful spot and brings the beauty of the city.

It’s fun to buy trinkets everywhere I go but it’s so fun seeing what was offered here because it relates to everything Palm Springs is. There’s such a character in the city so we can take a piece of it from home.

I love visiting Palm Springs and I’m already planning another trip to do more things I missed. Seriously the chillest place to visit and it was relaxing yet memoreable.

Have you been to Palm Springs? What’s your favorite thing to do? Check out what local things you can do here.