Why I Travel With Just a Carry-On

Why I Travel With Just a Carry-On

Traveling is so much fun and now that I feel like I have more free time, I am doing a lot more of it. I have some really random traveling habits. For example, I can only fly at night because I’d rather sleep the whole flight, plus, cities look prettier then. I also tend to have short, activity-packed trips. Can’t stop, won’t stop. But something I do that weirdly surprises people is that I only travel with a carry-on.

Traveling with just a carry-on seems a bit overwhelming for some and trust me, I wasn’t always this way so I understand. But there are so many pros to just using a carry-on. Let me share a few.

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Overpacking is an Issue

I overthink things. Overpacking was such an issue for me because I would take my whole life with me. You can honestly wear three outfits every day but when you go on vacation, you take 30 just in case. Having just a carry-on makes you think smarter and focus on the things you truly need. This is usually when I lose people, but honestly, it’s so helpful. You will just take the things that are necessary.

So Much Easier

Using a carry-on helps cut down on unnecessary things that take up time. You can just go straight to security instead of stopping by to check in your luggage. Backpacks are perfect because you carry them and don’t have to worry about pushing something around an airport. You also always have it with you so you don’t have to worry about the airline losing it and you’ll always have what you need on you. Overall, it’s easier to travel in because you only have this one piece to worry about and you can easily carry it everywhere.

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Limits Purchases

Look, I love souvenirs and I make sure to always buy some. But only having one big backpack to carry things, this will help tone down your shopping. If it’s not specific to the location and you can buy when you return home, don’t buy it! Traveling already costs enough money, so if you’re into saving, this will help limit what you buy. Just get memorable items instead of buying everything you see.

BONUS: No Extra Charges

Depending on the airline, using a carry-on is a huge plus because you don’t have to pay extra to check in a bag. Save yourself the extra money and just avoid this altogether.


Your turn! Do you travel with just a carry on or do you need an extra bag?

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