Why I Choose to Wear Makeup

Why I Choose to Wear Makeup

For as long as I can remember, I was never much of a makeup wearer. Even now, I can go days without makeup. But within the last year I completely fell in love with makeup. Am I good at it? Not really, but I enjoy taking the time out of my day to put it on. It’s fun and shopping at Sephora is always an adventure.

A lot of people have different opinions about makeup. Some fully embrace the contour and have an extensive collection, while others thing mascara is the only thing they need. But one of the biggest thing I hear is that makeup is vain and doesn’t reflect inner beauty. The “You don’t need that much makeup” or “the media is trying to make you think of beauty this way,” comments always end up popping up. Those things are very justifiable but that also doesn’t mean that, that is the reason. So let me give you some insight on why I choose to wear it.

Why I Choose to Wear Makeup

I choose to wear makeup because its fun and a stress reliever for me. I love getting prepped  and figuring out what foundation I want to wear that day and what colors to put on. There’s no overthinking about it. You basically have a good 30-40 minutes of playtime where you can try products and techniques. Seriously it seems overwhelming at first, but putting on makeup is fun. There’s nothing more to that.

I also don’t have perfect skin. I have freckles, red spots, and discoloration. Not to mention I have the gnarliest dark circles, that people have asked if I was dying or sick. If I go to the grocery store or something like that, I usually still go bare-faced because its no big deal but if there’s a situation that calls for a good face, I go all out. I want to wear makeup because I know my face isn’t taken care of properly (I’m working on it) but I never got the people who tell me not to but then see me regular face and think I’m sick. Let me live.

I don’t understand the need to knock on people who wear makeup. This is serious skill! It’s taken me a year to perfect my eyebrow routine so shout out to the girls who have it down. Makeup is an art form of its own. I choose to wear it because it’s cool seeing how one thing can change the way I look and how I improve. This doesn’t mean I’m not embracing my inner beauty or I have low self-esteem, it’s honestly a hobby and it’s not something I need, I just want to do it because I like it.

If you choose to not wear makeup, that’s good and if you do wear it, that’s good too. Don’t make anyone feel bad if they adhere to any beauty standards. Makeup isn’t bad and going bare-faced isn’t either. Let’s just enjoy it all!


What do you think about all this?

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