Why Elena of Avalor Matters

Why Elena of Avalor Matters

If you haven’t heard, Disney has a new princess. She’s not any type of princess, she’s a Hispanic/Latina princess. There’s a lot of thoughts and opinions surrounding her. Trust me, I had some at first too. Elena of Avalor is meant to represent many Latin American countries. There are people that are okay with that. But others who wish she resembled more one country, and so on. Then there are others that don’t like the fact that she’s not having a feature film. Regardless of these circumstances, this is why Elena of Avalor matters.

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The most obvious, she’s the first Hispanic/Latina princess

She’s a representation of a lot of cultures and I think they pulled it off. Also, let me clear up about Sofia the First. The producer said she misspoke and she’s not supposed to be Latina. Therefore making Elena the first Latina princess. I love how they incorporate Spanish into episodes. Do you guys know I love the word, “mija?” Her grandma says it all the time and that’s the best! I feel like they’re doing such a great job at incorporating Latin American cultures and it’s really great to see it unfold. She’s a great representation and someone that little girls can see and feel like they can be a princess too. I’m Hispanic. Tt wasn’t until I finally saw the show and saw how happy it makes me to finally see my culture represented and how much I needed it.

She has to earn her title

I love this trend Disney is starting to have, we saw it in The Princess and the Frog, so I’m glad they kept it on for Elena. Although she was supposed to be crowned queen, she actually steps back and prefers to learn and work hard to achieve her goal. Not only that but she embraces her people and asks for help and that’s awesome because I think asking for help is not a bad thing and people should see that it’s okay. She’s such a role model and I seriously get so happy when I see little girls dressed up like her at Disneyland.

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She’s already making a statement

Did you know she was only supposed to be on Disney Junior but quickly gained steam so they put the show on Disney Channel also? Her show is already renewed for a new season and the current one hasn’t ended yet. Her story isn’t about finding a romantic interest. She’s showing that princesses are not just a pretty thing but she’s tough and strong. I never noticed how important it was until I finally saw Elena of Avalor and the effect she’s having at the parks. I’m definitely so proud!


Have you seen Elena of Avalor? What do you think of her?

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