When You're Just Not Passionate About Something

When You’re Just Not Passionate About Something

There’s always a moment when I’m writing that I rethink everything. It’s hard to keep going when you’re not passionate about something. There are moments when I’m really motivated and have a clear direction for this blog. But then there’s times where I go days without thinking about it. I can stare at a blank post page knowing what I want to write but no motivation to do it. 

It sucks seeing your energy wane when you thought you were onto something good. But it happens and we have to accept it.

I have no advice but let’s talk about it

From a writing perspective, someone told me that you get writer’s block when you’re writing something you aren’t interested in. I can see how that’s true to some extent. But obviously, not everyone is a writer and people feel this way about different things. It’s hard to keep going at something when you feel there’s no point behind it.

There’s a lot of reasons we can feel this way. For me, I always wonder if all this work is going to waste. Sometimes I feel like I need some one or something to justify what I’m doing. On the flip side, I want to enjoy things I like meaning that I tend to stay away from “popular” blog posts. I like sharing my thoughts and likes but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Maybe all you need is a simple refresh or a break. But losing passion in something can be an indicator of something else.

What do you do when you lose passion in something?

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