When Your Fitness Journey Doesn't Go As Planned

When Your Fitness Journey Doesn’t Go As Planned

What happens when your fitness journey doesn't go as planned? It happens more often than you think but you can come back from it.

I hate failing things. So what happens when your fitness journey doesn’t go as planned? A lot of things. Thanks to Instagram and social pressure, getting fit has gotten a lot more stressful than it already was. So if drastic progress isn’t made, it’s almost like you already failed. Seriously, Instagram I love you but comparison sucks. Truly, bumps in the road happen and you just have to work from there. Here’s an honest update on my fitness journey so far.

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Let Me Explain

I started consistently working out after my grad school graduation in May 2018. From then to December 2018, I can honestly say I’ve had only two weeks where I didn’t work out consistently every day. But other than that, I was at the gym every week. But then Christmas happened. I love the season and I let myself just enjoy it. So I thought I would just bounce back in January.

I have a lot of excuses. Since I wanted to save money, I stopped working with my trainer which meant it was all up to me. California has been raining a lot (which is rare) so it just made me stay home since I wanted to be wrapped in bed. Also, didn’t help that I let myself indulge a lot. All in all, my fitness journey took a major back seat and I regret it. It just took me out of my routine and I need to get back into the groove of it.

Act Like You Know

When I was doing well (and working with my trainer, to be honest) I was lifting heavier weights and using a lot of different machines. I lost over 20 pounds by the end of 2018. So naturally after a few weeks off, I lost some muscle and it’s been rough. I do try and do what I used to do but it sucks not being at the level I was at. But I honestly try not to show it while I’m at the gym, which honestly, other people probably don’t even pay attention. Just feeling like I know what I’m doing gives me the confidence to keep going consistently by myself.

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Start Again I Guess

It’s hard to not be discouraged when you were already at one level but have to start again. I feel like that’s why fitness communities on Instagram can get a little dangerous because you see people working out all day every day. So when you have to start again you feel like you didn’t make it yet. But for me, I’m still not at my ideal goal so I have to push to get there again despite the disappointment. It is what it is.

What do you to get you back into your fitness routine?

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