When You End Up Somewhere You Didn't Want

When You End Up Somewhere You Didn’t Want

We all have plans. We have ways to get there and be exactly where we imagined. So what happens when you end up somewhere you didn’t want? We get anxious and worried where we end up somewhere we didn’t plan to be. But it’s important to step back and see why we’re there.

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Two Stories: Jonah and Daniel

Jonah was told by God what he needed to do. But what did he do? He literally ran the other way and disobeyed. Then bad things happened and who was to blame? Jonah because he didn’t listen to what God told him to do. He ended up in places he didn’t want to be because he didn’t listen.

Then there’s Daniel. He was not in an ideal place. He was stuck in a place where he couldn’t freely worship God. But God was with him. So when he got in trouble, God rescued him. There was a plan and he was in the right place, although it didn’t seem like it.

Ask God Why

Either you’re disobeying or not paying attention to what God is doing. It’s so easy to blame God for the situation we’re in but sometimes we need to stop and ask why we’re there in the first place. Most of the time God has already spoken to you and what you needed to do but you wandered off. But other times, you may be in a tough spot but God is there and he will pull you through. So ask God why and to show you the next step.

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Switch Your Perspective

If you are not in the place God instructed you to be, ask yourself why you’re not obeying. Is it fear, resources, etc? Once you identify why you’re struggling, you can work at that issue to get your path headed the right way. On the flip side, if you’re where God told you to be and things are tough, look for God’s guidance and the lesson this situation will bring at the end.


For my thoughts are not- your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. | Isaiah 55:8-9

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  • Interesting points. The awesome thing about God is how he uses those wrong turns and difficult situations to make us into even better people. So in a way I am thankful for ending up somewhere unexpected.

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