When to Draw the Line

It’s our nature to run so hard the other way and not choose what is necessarily right. We want to be able to do as much as we can before we start feeling guilty for our actions. But things shouldn’t have to come to this. I feel like we like to play around with how close we can do things before it can actually be bad. But here’s the thing, if you’re doing something that you have to try to justify, you’re already doing the bad thing.

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There needs to be a line drawn because the temptation is so much easier to come by nowadays. I feel, including myself and seeing young people especially, that we like to go so close to the line because it’s appealing but don’t feel the guilt of actually crossing it. The line is also getting much thinner since things are getting hazier in society, but we need to be wise in our faith and draw our own.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. | Proverbs 4:23

I usually hear the first part of Proverbs 4:23 in regards to relationships, but it applies to so much more. We need to think more about our life and protecting it from what can contaminate us. Instead of watching and thinking of how close you can get before it becomes bad, we need to think about how we can be so much more like God so that these temptations won’t look attractive to us. Guarding our heart is not about just saying no to temptation, but bettering ourselves and finding Jesus that nothing else makes sense anymore.

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Instead of seeing how close to the line we can get, we need to wise up and see that we are responsible for stopping ourselves before it gets worse. Why even put yourself in a position where bad things happen? Regardless of how strong we feel, why put yourself in a position where things can go wrong. Drawing the line is not about how close you can get before getting burned, but asking God for wisdom to know not to put yourself in that position in the first place.

4 thoughts on “When to Draw the Line

  • That is one of my favorite scriptures because it is one I think a lot about when I have anxiety (and find that I am not guarding my heart). I am not a fan of gray area in my life and so it feels like it takes constant work to make sure I’m giving God my all and not “a little bit” or actually nothing at all. It can be very humbling when I sit back and reflect and realize where I am standing on some things. Great post!

  • This was something that was near to my heart before getting married and yet SO hard to follow! We live in a world full of temptation but, thankfully, through God’s grace, we can seek out purity! <3

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