When Things Seem to be Still

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in a point where it feels like life is stalling. You’re neither here or there and you’re just waiting for the next big chapter of life to begin. But we often throw aside this season of waiting and think that it’s this blank area in life where nothing happens, however that’s not always the case. Even in transitional times in life, there’s something happening that is part of our story. Yes, there can be seasons of dryness but that doesn’t mean life is stopped. Olivia from Simply Liv wrote a great post about how there’s no in-between phase and there’s truth to that. 

Let’s unpack that. In the in-between moments, we mostly dream and think about what’s next, but what about the now? Yes, it may seem like there’s nothing seemingly important to catch our attention but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to learn. This moment now is just as important as what’s next. We can sit and regroup and think about what in life is making us look for something else. We can learn about ourselves. This moment when you feel like nothing is happening, God is still speaking.

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What the Bible Says

Let me quote the most popular verses about seasons:

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. | Ecclesiastes 3:1 

A time for everything. Meaning that even this slow, in between time has a purpose. We can spend all the time praying and pleading with God to start the next chapter but this now is what He wants you to focus on. Even in His “silence,” God is still working and doing things. We might absolutely hate the time we’re in but we need to flip the switch of just pouting and see why and what this season has.

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Maybe It’s Us

In a complete flip side, an in-between season may also mean that we’re not paying attention to what God wants of us. Pastor Erwin McManus said this and it struck me, “What “no” means is that I’m in the wrong conversation with the creator of the universe. See “no” means I’m not paying attention to what God wants to say “yes” to. “No” means I’m still not listening to what He wants to do with my life.” Sometimes we put ourselves in this temporary season just because we can’t align ourselves to what God wants. We want to view things how we want them instead of letting God do His thing that it hinders our life and we wrestle with the in between.

So step back and see what life is offering now and simply ask God what He can show you now and what can be done to change.


 Do you usually thrive in the in-between moments of life or do you dread these points? What do you think about this point in life? Let’s chat.

4 thoughts on “When Things Seem to be Still

  • Agree! Those down times can be precious with the Lord and give us time to think about where we are and who He is. Humanity, in general, loves to always be moving on to the next greatest thing instead of enjoying where we are at this very moment.

  • Mmm..I needed this girl. Right now, I am in a HUGE in-between stage and I am dreading it. But that verse hit me right in the heart, and gave me peace. Thank you!

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