When the Going Gets Hard

John Mark McMillan wrote the song “How He Loves” about his friend Stephen. Stephen told God that he would give his life if it brought more youth to Christ. He died in a car accident the next day. John explains writing the song out of anger and began to have a dialogue with God and it eventually leads to this song that thousands have heard. But I want to zero in on a certain part of the song that is only heard in the version of “How He Loves” in The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down album. He says this, “I thought about You the day Stephen died and you met me between my breaking. I know that I still love you, God, despite the agony. See people they want to tell me you’re cruel but if Stephen could sing he’d say it’s not true, ’cause You’re good.”

Every time I hear that part I tear up. It’s one of the most honest lyrics that just show that at the end of the day, God is still here. Tragic things are always hard to understand and we so often ask God why. We’re so quick to put the blame on Him but never see beyond that.

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Have you read the story of Job? It’s a popular one. He loses everything, absolutely everything. His kids die, he loses his wealthy, and his health takes a big hit. This guy did nothing wrong and even when the bad things happened, he still didn’t say or do anything against God. Even if his friends told him he was wrong, he, in the end, knew that God is good. In the tragedy, God ended up fixing everything and duplicating it. His faithfulness was rewarded.

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When things get hard we have to remember that God is good and it pains Him to see us broken down, but it’s also on us to trust Him because He’s seeing this bigger picture. God has known about you since you were even born. When the going gets hard, you need to remember that God is bigger than the highs and lows.

Listen to the full version of “How He Loves” below. The lyrics I mentioned above start at 6:26.

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