What’s In A Name?

Names are so important. Think about it? If someone knows you and they hear your name, they’ll most likely have a rush of memories and something that reminds them of you come to mind, while someone who doesn’t know you, may draw conclusions. Names are what we identify ourselves with and in this day and age, one can create a username to go by that can represent them more than their real name can. That shows how important names are.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not too fond of my name. It’s seven letters long and almost no one pronounces it correctly, and don’t get me started on how baristas spell it. Growing up I felt self-conscious, and even until now, I always hid behind some sort of nickname that I felt sounded better and this was all rooted in my misplaced identity. The disconnection of my name with what I thought my identity was made me never fully be myself. It isn’t until recently that I felt like I grew into my name.

I remember hearing the lyrics, “He knows my name.” I always knew that God had chosen me, but can you even begin to imagine that the God of the universe knows you individually, by your name? I’m no longer ashamed to be named Adriana, even though I still think it’s too long, but now I don’t feel like I’m hiding behind something. God is never wrong and I can accept my identity in Christ because He knows me better than I do.

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The Bible is the perfect example to show us how God uses names to identify Himself and us. God makes Himself known as the “I Am” and even throughout Exodus and Leviticus He keeps reminding the people that He is the Lord, our God. His name claims His greatness and He has other names that can describe who He is, one of my favorites is Jehovah Jireh (which means God is my provider) because I have seen that side of God many times. But God knows the importance of names. Every name given in the Bible has some deeper meaning that gives an identity to the receiver.

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I will always find interesting the story of Jacob wrestling the Man in Genesis 32. They wrestled until daybreak and when it seems like it’s not going everywhere, Jacob asks to be blessed so he can go on his way and so the Man asks him his name. Imagine? They were wrestling all night and it came down to his name. This is the moment when God names him Israel. A name that will be attributed to people and remembered for years to come.

A name is more than just something to be called, it can hold your identity and something God associates you with. This name of yours is known by the highest being there is. Whenever you feel insignificant, forgotten, or like you don’t know who you even are, remember that God knows you and can single you out with your name. A name that may seem like nothing important, but can say a lot about you and God can do so much with.

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