What to Wear and Pack for KAABOO

What to Wear and Pack for KAABOO

Are you ready for summer? KAABOO sure is! I’m so excited because LANY will be there and they’re one of my favorite bands so I finally get to see them live! I’m also excited to actually see Weezer, I have a funny story about trying to see them, but that’s for another time.

KAABOO is a full on experience. Besides the amazing lineup, there’s so much they offer! If you’re a foodie like me, there’s going to be tons of food to try. I’m excited to grub! Plus, get those Instagram photos with tons of art work that will be displayed and get your laughs in at any of the comedy stages. A lot of these lineups will be announced soon, so make sure to keep up!

Something I’m also very excited for is that KAABOO actually offers spa services on-site! Seriously, that is the perfect break from a long day of fun. And guess what? There’s real toilets available! So to get ready, here’s my suggestions on outfits and what to pack. 

What to Wear


I honestly was going to say maxi dresses, but I think rompers are a much better route! You’re going to be doing a lot of moving around and sitting waiting for bands. It will keep you fresh and comfy.

Band Shirts

What a better time to wear a band shirt! Fun fact: band merch is honestly one of my favorite things ever. With so many performers in the line up, express yourself with band tees.

Head Accessories

Y’all know my love for dad hats and you bet I’m going to rock my collection at KAABOO. I love hats because my head gets hot easily and they’re just really cute! Seriously, stay safe from the sun.

What to Pack

Polaroid Camera

Some memories need to be saved on polaroids! I love polaroids because I can put them on my wall and I can constantly see them and don’t have to scroll down my phone. It’s an unfiltered good moment.


I love San Diego but the sun down there can be unforgiving. Sunscreen is something you have to take hands down. Sometimes so easily forgotten, but make sure you pack that in first.

Portable Chargers

A super given now, but you’d be surprised how many people still don’t have one. Chargers are a must because you never know when you need your phone, especially if you get separated from your group. Take one!

Extra Shoes

You never know what may happen and extra shoes are a must. Yes, I put this ahead of extra clothes. I feel like there is always extra clothes to get everywhere but shoes are harder to get. Broken sandals are my fear!

Don’t forget to check out the lineup!


What would you pack to KAABOO? Don’t forget to get your tickets here