What to Do When Things Fail

What to Do When Things Fail

Things never work out 100% and sometimes they mess up when we don't expect it. Here's what to do when things fail and deal with them.

This topic stemmed out of something really minimal. All my blog drafts deleted one day and I had no content to work from. It sounds really dumb and something that shouldn’t be a big deal. But it was. I had months worth of post ideas gone because something failed (a plugin on my blog deleted them all). Anyway, I had to think about new things quickly and was so annoyed because it’s one of those things I should’ve anticipated. Let me tell you what to do when things fail because they do and you just have to deal with it.

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Deal With It

Kicking it off with the obvious, learn how to deal with things. I feel like when things go wrong we immediately go into “what if” mode and get resentful that it happened and get angry. Here’s the thing: either the thing can be amended or it can’t. The faster you switch into trying to fix it or trying to accept that it happened, the better it will get. You have to learn to roll with it and not focus on what went wrong but act upon it.

Expect the Unexpected

This can seem overwhelming and tiring but can help. Think of all the possible scenarios that can happen and try to have backups for it. For example, people in PR have to anticipate all the negative stories/issues that can happen to a brand before they happen so they can have ways to deal with it when they come. Thinking about it now, there was a bunch of different ways I could have had my blog ideas saved. There is always a way.

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Deal With How You Feel

Kind of relating to my first point but focusing more on how we feel. Don’t beat yourself up about things you didn’t anticipate happening. Sometimes we hold on longer to our failure when we keep thinking about what we could have done better. Feelings can get the worst of us and that’s why we get stuck in failure. It’s not bad to feel disappointed and you should allow yourself to feel it, but don’t just let yourself sit there because it won’t make things better.

What are your thoughts on this?

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