A couple of months ago I was so motivated. My blog was doing great. I upped my posts to three times a week. It was all good. Then I went to vacation and I had only a couple scheduled posts but I thought I would get back in the groove of things. But then I didn’t. I thought I was just tired and needed a few days to recuperate but then I still wasn’t writing. Then came the unexpected blogging break.

I hate the idea of a blogging break. It makes me feel like I somehow gave up, which I know I didn’t. But I hate the feeling that I was getting behind on the blogging race. The comparison trap is a dangerous place. Blogging is like a job so stopping even for a little bit is scary and overwhelming, but it happens. So when you find yourself in this place, here is a few things you can do.

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Where is your blog going? Are you happy with what you’re posting? On this break I tried to showcase my older posts and realized I wasn’t too thrilled with my most recent content. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed writing them and I got a good response, but they aren’t exactly posts that are shareable or evergreen. It made me see that I have to be specific and write about things people can relate to. Even if it means redirecting my blog (again) it’s worth it because I saw what works and what doesn’t.

Spruce Things Up

If you feel like you have to do something, work on the back end things of your blog. Clean up plugins you don’t use. Update your theme. Repurpose old pins to better quality. Basically take some time to take care of your blog to make sure it’s running properly and you love the way it looks and feels.

Take the Break with Stride

I got pretty frustrated the first few days when I would open WordPress but wrote nothing. I was thinking about the numbers and the Tweets that needed to be scheduled, but nothing was going to change the fact that I needed to stop and refresh. Just enjoy it. Binge watch shows and try a new hobby. Just have fun with it because there’s no point in forcing something. You’ll get get back to the grind soon enough.


Have you been on a blogging break? What’s a tip you would give to those struggling?

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  • This is a great post! I have taken two planned blog breaks, last year over the holidays and this summer, and I found it was a great time to reevaluate and analyze. I think sometimes that space away from blogging is really helpful for clarity. I really appreciated your tips and insights here!

  • OMG you totally read my mind! Of course, I love going on vacations but then blogging takes such a back seat and its really a challenge to get back in the groove as there’s just too much to do and write about but there’s hardly anytime to do so because of all the backlog. I really like your pointers to turn things around and make it work.
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  • Luna C. Lupus

    These tips are so great! Sometimes it’s hard to get back on track, but I find that if you still do the blog-related things that are not writing itself, it still feels like you’re somewhat on top of things! 😛


  • This is a great post. I think blogging breaks are essential every once in a while, but it does feel weird to totally stop working/thinking about something that is essentially a part of my job. But it’s always good to take time to analyze what is and isn’t working, and to revamp some old posts.

  • I struggled with the idea of “must-dos” in the blogging world and never taking a break and being consistent was one of those big ones. I got so wrapped up in that, it was almost counter-active. But life happens and sometimes as much as you love it, blogging isn’t the biggest priority. I think learning to accept these sometimes unexpected blogging breaks actually does more for your blog in the long run – because just like you said you often refresh and reanalyze, which isn’t a bad thing.

  • Taylor Smith

    I took a break right before I got married and then got back into it about a month after our honeymoon. I just need some time!

  • I’ve unintentionally taken a year break from blogging just because of a new job. I would love to get back to it (and of course, as you said, without the whole comparison trap thing :/).

  • Awesome post! I took a blogging break myself back in April/May due to some huge life changes. Great tips!

  • A break is definitely needed sometimes!