What I Eat in a Day

What I Eat in a Day

I started my fitness journey January of this year and since then, I’ve lost 20 pounds. Weirdly, the easiest part was working out. The hardest part was the food. I love snacking, sweets, anything not “good.” I wanted to share what I eat in a day because this is what worked for me.

I’m not really restrictive. For the most part I eat clean but I do allow myself a snack to indulge as long as it fits in my deficit. It’s not the most exciting food but it’s what I know to work and can follow. This is how my weekday looks like so let’s get into it.

Breakfast – Sort of Intermittent Fasting Explanation

I’ve never really been a breakfast person unless it’s waffles. Usually on a regular weekday I just have black coffee in the morning. I usually have my first full meal until lunch. You can say that I sort of do intermittent fasting. I usually break my fast at noon for lunch and only eat until 7 pm. It was unintentional and I know that a lot more goes into intermittent fasting so I know I don’t follow it to the letter. That’s how my breakfast goes, just black coffee.


Like I mentioned, this is my weekday meals so I usually finally eat a first meal during my lunch break. It also has to be something easy to take to work. I usually make oatmeal. Super simple and satisfying. Getting more protein in my diet has been the hardest thing. I started eating cottage cheese mixed with strawberries and it’s my favorite thing. Baby carrots are my go to when I need some more veggies. Then to end it I have an apple and a banana. Also, throughout the day (or up to this point) I drink about 40-60 ounces of water. Water helps you in so many ways so just drink it!

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Dinner is usually my biggest meal. My go to meal is always grilled chicken, quinoa salad, with a side snack. Either I make toast with almond butter or hummus with multigrain crackers. Plus, I usually workout either before or after, so I usually have a protein shake as well. I’m not the most exciting with recipes and stick to things I know work and are simple to make.

So that’s usually how my day looks. It’s not the most creative day of eating but it’s what has helped me!

What’s your favorite meal? Send me recipes to try!

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