What An Unexpected Social Media Break Taught Me

What An Unexpected Social Media Break Taught Me

I love social media. It’s become part of everyday life. Recently I’ve just gotten really bored with it for some reason. One part was because I was busy but another part just stopped caring about what people were posting. So I just took a break. It made me realize some things. Here’s what an unexpected social media break taught me.

Is It Necessary?

There were times were I started composing a tweet because I felt like I had to tweet but realized it was a completely stupid tweet. It just made me realized if nothing really needs to be said, then it doesn’t have to be posted. I see this mainly on Twitter because it’s so easy to just post random things throughout my day. I also noticed that I tweet a lot more when I’m stressed and procrastinating. But nothing I posted was important. Who cares about the funny squirrel I saw? I would say things just to take up space and it made me step back and think of what I was saying.

Find People Who Genuinely Care

I had a friend actually send me a message to see how I was doing and check up on life since they noticed I wasn’t posting as much. But they weren’t messaging me to ask what I wasn’t posting, they genuinely wanted to catch up. Social media is filled with acquaintances. Sure you might somewhat know people and they might like your picture in passing, but find the few people who genuinely care about what you share. I want to make sure that the people that truly care actually know how I’m doing.

You Don’t Owe People Your Life

I’ve mentioned this before and I feel like it’s so true. Let’s be real, sometimes we post just because we want certain people to see it. But who cares who sees what? If you don’t post something it doesn’t make it less true or less real. We depend so much on making things official on social media but it really doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to live a happy life without having to broadcast it.

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What do you think about taking social media breaks?

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