Ways to Get Your Life Together

Ways to Get Your Life Together

Life is rough and unexpected. It’s like being the slow kid in a game of dodgeball. Getting your life together is hard. All you want to do is get a job where you are paid to do nothing and you can continue to sleep in until noon. But life doesn’t play out like that and we get into this mood where we kind of stall and ignore what’s going on, hoping it all pans out.

You see, I get really overwhelmed easily and I believe things will get resolved magically because why should bad things happen. I’m wrong if you didn’t pick up on that. So in my naive state, I know a thing or two of trying to get my life together so let me share some wisdom on how you can get yourself moving.

Stop Netflix for Two Seconds

Do you need to start a new series when you have to figure out your next move? Stop and reflect. I know how tempting it is getting to the next season of Gossip Girl but your next season is starting. So stop Netflix and start getting your life together because it’s not going to stop for you.

Get a Planner

Writing what you’re supposed to do makes you feel more accountable about things. You cannot avoid that 10 o’clock deadline when it’s staring you right in the face and you can’t check it off. Also, what’s more, sobering that seeing all the days your bills are due? If you like to live day by day, planning seems not ideal but it honestly helps to see the big picture so you’re not missing the important things.

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Start Journaling

Want to see how life is going? Journaling will make you reflect on your life right now. Think about it? You can see if you’re even doing things when you have to write them down. It can also be therapeutic because you can write about all the feelings and somehow figure out what’s hindering you from actually getting up.

Create a Budget

Do you know that horrible feeling of checking your bank account after big purchases? Well suck it up and start budgeting. I love buying things and my bank account was always out of sight, out of mind when I was swiping my debit card. Nothing helped me grow up a little than writing down my purchases and what’s going to bills when my paycheck comes in. It helped so I can stop wasting money on petty things and helped me focus on getting money in the bank to save…and for Disneyland.

Take a Break

Okay, seems counterproductive, however, sometimes doing too much and barely making it by with whatever you’re doing can also stop you from getting your life together. It’s like being in a place you don’t like and being there because you feel you have to, not because you want to. Step back and see where you want to shift your life.


What do you do when life gets real? Are you like me and hopes that everything just gets better on its own? What are your tips to get your life together? Let me know!

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