Watch: To Write Love on Her Arms

I still remember starting high school and seeing people wear To Write Love on Her Arms shirts and I thought it was a band or something. However, when bands I followed started wearing the shirts, I knew this was something more. TWLOHA is an organization that helps people who are depressed, self-harm, have addictions, and anything relating to mental health. It basically provides a bridge for people to help them find help. Honestly, they have such a great mission and it is one that I can fully support because I’ve seen these things happen and it is important to reach out.

I’ve been wanting to watch To Write Love on Her Arms ever since it was still called Renee the Movie/Day One. It is the true story of Renee Yohe, which was the catalyst for the TWLOHA movement. The film follows her story as closely as it can to the real thing, with some minor changes.

Renee (Kat Dennings) falls into a life of drugs after experiencing a horrible incident of sexual abuse and it causes her to isolate her friends and family. Years after when she realizes that she needs help, she reconnects with her friends who introduce her to David McKenna (Rupert Friend), who used to be a user but sobered up. As she gives him her last pack of drugs, they take her to a rehab center that does not admit her because of her fresh cuts, so McKenna and her friends spend the next 5 days helping her detox.

Here she meets Jamie Tworkowski (Chad Michael Murray), who is fascinated by the story of a young woman trying to change her life around, and he decides to write her story down. Through music and her friends, Renee finds the courage to continue to fight and change her life. Jamie publishes her story on MySpace, causing tons of responses of people who relate to her story and making TWLOHA a place of hope for many.

Kat Dennings absolutely did amazing as Renee and you could see her try to channel the character as much as she could. The rest of the cast supported amazingly, even though it was weird trying to get used to Corbin Bleu not in High School Musical.

I LOVED how they used music to tell the story, especially since it was such a big part of Renee’s life. The mixture of music into the story have it a cool creative factor and plus, my favorite band ever Paper Route, even performed for a scene.

One of my favorite things was that it emphasized that it was a process of changing, not something that happens with a snap. Even out of rehab Renee struggles with living her life but realizes that she could do it with help, and that is important. It’s okay to not have everything together at once, it’s all about living one day at a time.

Overall, the movie was great and it did such a great job of portraying the harder scenes for viewers to understand. The story in itself provides hope and whoever views it can know that they are not alone. I rated it highly and feel like it’s a gem that can’t be missed.

The story touched me and I feel like I gained even more appreciation for TWLOHA and people dealing with any of these situations.

If you want to learn more about TWLOHA visit their official site.