Watch: The Scorch Trials | Review

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a film review, which was for Insurgent and my strong opinions about it,  so I’m glad to do one now for The Scorch Trials. If you’re not familiar with it, it is the second installment in The Maze Runner series.

In The Maze Runner, we met Thomas who got put in a glade with a group of boys who had no recollection of how they got there. When he gets there, things begin to go crazy and they realize that they’re being used as an experiment and that the Earth has been scorched.


The Scorch Trials picks up right where it left off. The people who rescued them take them with them and give them food, showers, and a sense of security away from WCKD but right off the bat Thomas has a feeling that things are not right. As people are being whisked away to a better life, he and Aris discover that they’re using them to find a cure for the flare, so along with everyone, they escape.

Out in the scorch, they encounter cranks, which are those who have been infected by the flare and since they are being tracked by WCKD, they set out to find the Right Arm in hopes of safety and to get to a safe haven. They end up running into a group of outsiders and meet Jorge and Brenda, who end up helping them to find Right Arm. However, things are never easy and WCKD is always on their tail, so once they find Right Arm, WCKD is on their trail. Their final encounter has the group deciding who is right or wrong and includes a betrayal from someone they trusted.

The Scorch Trails definitely defers from the book, which is something Wes Ball had said before, so I wasn’t completely blindsided by the changes. Although a lot of key elements were changed, it still kept the overall essence of the book. I wish that it actually showed that it was hot, I mean, that was the whole reason the Earth was burned out. Also, it wasn’t necessarily a trial, they escaped to find the Right Arm, whereas in the book, WCKD set them up to go out and find the cure as part of more experiments. A lot of minor details were changed or omitted, but it at least kept the story somewhat true to the book. The ending definitely was set up so it can continue on to The Death Cure but it didn’t give enough of a shock factor.

I give it 3.5 out 5 just because I expected more intense plot twists and more of a cliffhanger, just like the book. It was great and entertaining and Newt finally calls Thomas, “Tommy,” but it just felt like there wasn’t as much action and intense moments and it wasn’t much different from just a movie about fighting zombies. I’m glad that The Death Cure isn’t going to be split into two, I just hope that it wraps the series up nicely and provides the intensity and anxiousness that the books had and always left me at the edge of my seat.

Are you planning to watch The Scorch Trials? If you’ve watched it, let me know what you think!

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