Warby Parker Review

Warby Parker Review

Cool and affordable glasses are hard to find. Here is my review on Warby Parker's glasses to see how they stack up to the rest.

PSA: This is NOT sponsored. Simply stating my opinions on items I purchased myself.

This post I will be sharing my Warby Parker review. So let me give you a bit of a backstory first. I’ve always seen glasses as something I needed but never really cared for. Not going to lie, I hated that I needed to wear glasses. But at first, I just needed them for reading so I never thought about getting a nice pair. Over the years though, my eyes have gotten more worn and now I need them all the time. So of course, I went on the contacts route because I never thought I could be the one to wear cute glasses all the time.

As much as I love contacts, it does become a bit of a hassle to put them on and then remember to buy them before they run out and can cost a lot in the long run. So I decided to give in and buy myself cute glasses I could wear. One of the reasons I went with Warby Parker was because they do at-home try-on which is nice since I hate getting pushy salespeople. So here are my thoughts.

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The Brand

Warby Parker is an online glasses retailer (although they do have physical locations in a few cities). Their whole idea is that they want to make buying glasses easier and more affordable. Their base prices range from $95 to $150, without any additional add-ons. They do have Affirm available for payment plans. One of the things I learned is that they do a “Buy One, Give One” program which gives glasses to someone in need when you buy one. Learn more about that here.

Warby Parker Review

The Glasses

These clear glasses above are actually my second pair of Warby Parker glasses. My first pair were Wilder which is a simple tortoise color rectangle frame glasses. I still have them and use them as a backup pair. My current ones are Haskell which is a rounder, clear pair. Again, this is not sponsored so I get nothing if you click those links. Just wanted to share the exact ones I got!

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I’ve had the Wilder pair for about 2 years and they’ve been durable. They have stretched out a bit and need to get tightened though. But the lenses have no scratches, which is impressive since I throw them in my gym bag with no case. The tortoise color still looks great and there have not been any major flaws. They were a reliable pair that I will keep around in case I need them in an emergency.

I’ve had the Haskell pair for about a month and they’re more on the fashion-y side. These are the most out of the box glasses I’ve ever owned and it’s been great. These did need some adjustment since they kept sliding down. The material also feels thinner but have lasted so far. It’s been good so far and I’m curious to see how they look a year from now.

Overall Thoughts

I think Warby Parker is a pretty decent place to get glasses. The at-home try-on is the best thing since with other online places you can’t try them on until you buy them. However, if you need an adjustment it’s a bit harder if you don’t have a physical Warby Parker store near you. But it can also be a bit harder if you don’t know how glasses are supposed to properly fit (not looks wise but in terms of how they sit on your face, eye level, etc). Warby Parker does provide a guide to do that though so it’s up to you.

Overall, I have been pretty satisfied with them. I haven’t had any major negative experiences and they’re actually really quick with customer service. I have a really strong prescription and they reached out to me 15-30 minutes after my order (which I put in late at night so that was nice) to talk about my lens choices/what I needed, which helped a lot. I’ve been impressed by them. If you need glasses affordably and quickly, they’re definitely one to consider.

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Have you tried Warby Parker? Where do you get your glasses?

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