Valuable Lessons to Learn from Blogging

Valuable Lessons to Learn from Blogging

Blogging started off as an online journal for many but has evolved into so much more. As a blogger, you tend to see the dedication that goes into this. A lot of readers don’t see the work it takes to run a blog and think it’s an easy click of a button. Starting a blog can teach you a lot. It’s more than a fun pastime, it can turn into a small business. Here are some valuable lessons it has taught me.

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It Builds Your Work Ethic

I’ve heard this a lot from people who aren’t bloggers, but many don’t think this is a lot of work. It is though. There is so much planning that goes into it. You have to research trends, analyze stats, and keep your back-end intact so the finish product looks amazing. I learned what it means to put effort into my work. It seems fun being in charge of yourself, but it’s more commitment since everything falls on your shoulders. My mind is now always thinking and can never take a break from working on the blog.

Consistency is Key

I can still remember the days where I would write a post and just click publish, regardless of the time or day. When I started getting more serious, I started having specific times and days to post and it changed everything. It helped me push myself to create content and also not just post on whatever I was feeling that way. Consistency is not just about posting for the sake of posting, but building a reliability with readers. I must admit, I wasn’t consistent before, even just as a person, but I learned a lot about how people put trust in you when you’re always there.

Investing Isn’t Bad

Putting money into anything is always scary. You never know the outcome until after. But as I’ve been blogging over the years I realized how much investing in it can help. Splurge a little picking out a great theme for your site or boosts posts that are doing good so they can have extra exposure. Not only have I invested on my blog and seen results, I started investing in things in my personal life and I’m seeing how much happier I am and doing things I love. Yes, there maybe dud investments, but you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t Act Like You Know When You Don’t

This was a big one for me. A lot of the times as bloggers we want to put out information so people can acquire it. We want to be the ones that are in the know. But this can also backfire if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Everyone wants to be experts at something and some are. If you aren’t, just be honest about it. If there’s a topic that’s popular but you don’t have all the information, let is pass. Like they say, write what you know.

Write What You Love

A bit cheesy but a lesson to always remember. It’s really easy getting caught up in trying to write the popular trending topics. Remember that you shouldn’t compromise what you enjoy what you enjoy for clicks. Most of the time writer’s block comes from trying to write something you don’t really care about. Focus on what you love and not what will get you more traffic. Is it hard to do? Yeah, but at least your blog will be a work of love.

You’re Not Above Learning

It’s really easy to think we’re experts on a certain thing but we never stop learning. There’s always something to improve on. Something new to learn about SEO or Pinterest. We’re never truly done learning. But that’s okay, because more knowledge is better than settling.


What are some lessons blogging has taught you?