Sun and Surfing | US Open

Although I can’t swim, the beach is one of my favorite places ever. Something cool that happens here in California is the US Open of Surfing! This is seriously the epitome of summer. The first time I went was a few years ago when Hot Hot Heat and Weezer were playing. (Sadly they don’t do live concerts anymore) But I’ve been dying to come back and check it out once more and thankfully I got a chance this year!

Fun fact: Huntington Beach is nicknamed Surf City, so it’s the perfect setting for this event. Besides the surfing competitions, they also have skating and BMX so it’s super cool seeing all these types of talents flying around. Plus, the pier is across an amazing shopping strip which had a Sephora and Lemonade! It was quite an adventure.

Here are some pictures I took so y’all can visualize the mood!

The first weekend was actually really overcast and the surf was so high! They had to take some breaks for the fog to clear throughout the day. Even when the sun came out, it was still pretty chilly! But I’m all for it because sunburns are no fun.

There was a Vans popup shop, where I seriously splurged on merch and shoes. Plus, tons of activities like art sections and even arcade games! They created such a fun atmosphere with couches and of course, BBQs.

Since Vans took over (it used to be hosted by Hurley), I actually love the vibe more! It’s so carefree and people show up just to enjoy the atmosphere. I definitely gained more appreciation for Huntington Beach and need to explore around there a bit more. Also, the US Open of Surfing is one of the most fun competitions I’ve watched!

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Here’s a video of it on my channel!


What’s your favorite thing to do during the summer? Are you a beach lover like me?

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