Unpacking My Spring Essentials

Unpacking My Spring Essentials

Spring Break is such a blast because it’s a tiny preview of what’s to come in Summer. It’s probably the time when you can re-energize to give you a boost before the real heat starts. Spring is actually one of my favorite seasons because it feels so fresh and bright. So I am going to be sharing the essentials that I carry around in my Sakroots bag! My XLarge tote bag is so spacious that I can pack anything in it. Sakroots is such an awesome brand because with each of their designs they give back to a specific charity! The tote I got supports Whale and Dolphin Conservation, which makes me so happy because I love the water. So let’s talk about what I keep in my bag during spring break and why I think they’re essential!
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Lip Balm

I tend to not wear tons of makeup when I’m on vacation, especially when I know I’ll be out in the sun for long hours. Something I have to keep around is lip balm! My absolute favorite one is Glamglow’s wet lip balm treatment because it does what it says, it feels wet. Not like obnoxious but it feels really hydrating and non-sticky and perfect for the hot weather.

Change of Clothes

Spring time can be a bit bipolar. I know here in California we have extremely hot days and then out of nowhere it pours. Thank El Niño! Thankfully the tote is big enough to take an extra pair of shorts or a sweater because you never know how the weather will change. You can never go wrong with packing an extra shirt, so don’t overlook this!

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Extra Shoes

In Spring Break, you’re probably going to be walking a lot and sometimes flip flips don’t cut it and sneakers are suffocating. I pack my Sakroot Espadrille’s and I’m set! They’re made with a soft jersey so the material is not heavy or make your feet feel hot after long hours of walking in the sun!

External Charger

There’s nothing more important than remembering your vacation, so something I make sure to pack an external charger for my phone so I can keep it alive to capture memories! Also, important in case you are having a trip with a big group and you need to constantly remain in contact with them. We all know how much that drains your battery!


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like on vacation you need a lot more loose cash because a lot of places don’t take a card. No, just me? But yeah, always take some extra cash because you never know what can happen!


 Check out Sakroots and find out how you can give back while looking stylish! I”m absolutely loving my tote because it looks nice and at the same time provides space to carry around my essentials! What’s your spring bag essentials?

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