Words: Unlock Your Dream | Philip Wagner

I received this book from Blogging for Books for reviewing. All opinions are my own.

Following your dreams is such a common story. We get told to follow them at every point of our life. In Unlock Your Dream, Philip Wagner tries to unpack dreams but with a different perspective. It’s more than just going out and making your dreams happen, it digs deeper to see what your dreams are about.

If you’ve ever heard Philip speak before, you know that he’s a funny guy and the book has his humor making it enjoyable. He tries to point out that we all have big dreams (ex// becoming a famous actor) but we need to find our true dream. Philip encourages us to find our true focus and strive to be the best at that.

Throughout the book there are various examples of people you can relate to and inspire you to push for more. He encourages us to find our “God dream” and see what God has planned for us. It’s a very genuine approach and the encouragement makes you want to fulfill what you have in your heart. 

I like the book because it wasn’t a cheesy “follow your heart” type of book. It instead makes you think hard about what your dreams really are and how to achieve them and truly be happy with what you accomplish.


What books have inspired you lately?

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1 thought on “Words: Unlock Your Dream | Philip Wagner

  • I love a good cheesy book 🙂
    I recently read Tina Fey’s autobiography which was so great. It is really cool read about where someone started out and how far they have come!

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