Hi, friends! I’m Alex and I have a style blog over at Undergraduate Style. I’m a student at the University of Kansas, so I write about developing a classic, timeless wardrobe even while I’m in college! I also occasionally write about my sorority, Omega Phi Alpha, and my life as a Resident Assistant on campus, but I mainly stick to style!I’m super excited to be guest posting for Adriana today! I’d like to talk about a few of my favorite style essentials for this spring. I don’t think it’s fair to say that EVERYBODY should go out and buy these things and wear them because A) I’m all about working and remixing your own closet instead of going out and buying something new and B) not everything works for everybody–as simple as that. But here are a few things that I’ve been seeing around a lot and that have worked for me!

Why you need them: I personally believe that a nice pair of chino shorts is a complete must have for the spring and summer! Of course, in the summer, most people live in shorts, whether they’re a worn-in, cut-off denim or comfy running shorts. But I also believe that most people ought to have a pair of nicer shorts that can be used in a slightly dressier setting–for example, a picnic event or a night out on the town with friends. The example above are chino shorts from J. Crew Factory, but you can find chino shorts just about anywhere these days!How to wear them: Chino shorts can be used to dress up a t-shirt or worn with a cute tank or tee! Another great thing about chinos are their versatility when it comes to footwear: they can be worn with sneakers, sandals, or even wedges!

Mix it up: Add a 3/4 tee, a statement necklace, and leather sandals for an effortless but polished look.
Why you need them: These are so, so, SO much better than flopping around in those foam flip flops from Old Navy. Leather sandals take the same amount of effort to slip on, but they look so much more put-together! Get a few pairs in carefully chosen colors and they’ll go with just about anything you could possibly wear in the summer.
How to wear them: Wear these with anything. Wear them with denim shorts and a cool graphic tee. Wear them with the aforementioned chinos. Wear them with a nice chiffon dress to a summer wedding. The options are endless!
Mix it up: Wear them with a printed tank, cardigan, and cuffed skinny jeans on a cooler evening.
Why you need it: Vests are a brilliant layering option, especially in the summer. It’s hard to add visual interest without adding bulky, stifling layers. Denim vests are a light option, yet add a cool, chic vibe to any outfit!
How to wear it: Layer it over a tank for visual interest, or over a flowery dress for a boho feel!Mix it up: Forget what your mama told you about denim on denim. Go ahead and rock a denim vest with more denim–just don’t mix two pieces in the same wash. Try a light wash vest with dark wash skinny jeans, or a white denim vest with normal blue jeans!

I’d love to hear your favorite spring/summer style staples! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to guest post, Adriana!

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