Top Posts of 2018

Top Posts of 2018

What a year! It’s crazy to think that 2018 is coming to an end. This blog went through a bit of ups and downs this year. I was trying to finish grad school for the beginning part of the year. But we made it back and now we’re here. I’m sharing the top posts of 2018. These are the posts that were published this year and were viewed the most.

#1: How to Wear Black in the Summer

As a constant wearer of black, I was happy this was one of my most viewed posts this year. I wear black year round, even in the summer. In this blog, I shared my tips on how you can make it work. Super easy post to read through.

#2: Book Review – There is More

This one was a bit of a surprise. Pastor Brian Houston’s book There is More was released this year and I did a review on it. Considering that the new Hillsong Worship album and conference were also called There is More, I think it helped boost the views.

#3: How to Do Second Day Curls

I played a lot with my hair this year in terms of styling. But curls were always my go to. For this post, I shared how I do my second day curls. Second day hair will always be the best type of hair, don’t fight me.

Thank you so much for sticking by this year and reading! There is only good things in the works for 2019!

What have been some of your favorite reads this year?

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