Top Disneyland Attractions

Top Disneyland Attractions

In honor of my first trip ever to Disney World, I’m going to be doing posts about the great things at Disneyland! There can never be too many Disney related posts, so prepare for an influx of them. For this post, I’m going to be sharing my top favorite Disneyland attractions!

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Pirates of the Caribbean

I don’t know what it is, but this ride always makes me feel the magic of Disney. It’s such a fun ride and a classic that everyone can enjoy. It has some drops but for the most part, you just cruise around and see what a pirates life consists of!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Because I like myself some thrills, Big Thunder is always my go to. The additions to the end of the last hill are so great. Plus, when Fantasmic! is around you can hear the show from there. I feel like this ride holds many memories for me.

It’s A Small World

It’s a classic! I don’t get why people hate it. It seems like just a popular thing to do. There are worse songs in the world, trust me. Small World is such a cute ride and if you want to get real deep, it shows how we are all human and should love each other.

Peter Pan’s Flight (Bonus Mention: Dark Rides)

There’s a reason Peter Pan’s Flight has a long line always, and it’s because it’s amazing! I feel like it’s so magical and one of the original Disneyland rides. So that’s also why I’ll give the other OG dark rides a mention (Snow White, Mr. Toad’s) because they’ve stuck around for 60 years!

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Honorable Mention: Mad Tea Party

I wasn’t going to add this but I feel like this has become that cute ride you have to ride. Even more bonus points if you take the typical picture while it’s twirling.


What’s your favorite ride in any Disney park?

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