Top 5 Disney Movies

Top 5 Disney Movies

What better way than to tie in my love of movies and Disney than talking about my top 5 favorite Disney movies. In no particular order because that’s way too hard. It was even hard just picking 5, so who knows I might change my mind. But for now, here are the top 5 Disney movies.

Peter Pan

I still get all these feels when I hear “Second Star to the Right.” For me, I feel like Peter Pan is what’s keeping me feeling young in my adulthood. It’s literally about a kid that never grows up, come on! Yes, he’s kind of a brat but he gives Wendy her last hurrah before growing up. This story just symbolizes all the magic and imagination that Disney gives. Plus, it gave us Tinkerbell whose pixie dust is so visible of Disney magic at the parks. I’m looking at you Disneyland Forever!


This movie was actually my favorite movie as a kid. Mulan is my number one princess, and yes, I know she’s technically not a princess but hey Disney puts her with the princesses. I love that it focuses on family and her just trying to honor them. She’s pretty hardcore and saves tons of people, how can anyone not like her? Not to mention, the songs in this movie is also just as amazing.


Let me bring it into more modern Disney, so of course, I have to mention Tangled. Where do I begin? I love Tangled. It was funny without being cheesy or cliché. The story line was really fun and didn’t drag on. AND THE LANTERNS. I don’t think there’s a more beautiful scene than that one, plus “I See the Light” now makes me cry every time I hear it. Such a beautiful movie!

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Maybe I’m attracted to movies with amazing songs, so let me tell you about Aladdin. Here’s a guy who is literally a diamond in the rough and a stubborn princess who doesn’t want to be married off to anyone. They’re the most fun bunch of misfits to watch. Then you have Genie adding the comedic relief. I personally feel like all the characters don’t fit the cookie cutter view, which makes it that much entertaining to watch. Let’s be honest, we all know the lyrics to “A Whole New World.”

The Lion King

Shout out to the first movie that ever broke my heart. I feel like The Lion King is one of the most classic Disney movies of my generation. Who knew that animals can teach you about having no worries? Maybe it’s the nostalgia of my childhood but this movie will never get old. Try not to sing “Circle of Life” at the top of your lungs, I dare you.

BONUS: Big Hero 6

I told you I couldn’t pick just 5 and Big Hero 6 needed an honorary mention. I don’t know what it is about this movie but I love t. Everything from the inventions to Baymax, of course, it has to be one of my favorites and needs more recognition. Also, Honey Lemon is my spirit animal.


What’s your favorite Disney movie and why? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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