Top 2016 Albums

2016 has been weird. No matter what, it gave us some really amazing music. I feel like this year I branched out a bit and listened to different genres and discovered how amazing all music is. Although there is songs here and there from different artists that I have on replay always, I’m going to be sharing my favorite albums released this year. Trust me, if I shared my favorite songs, this list will never end. So let’s get into it.

Hillsong Young & Free | Youth Revival

I remember hearing snippets of this back when it was being recorded, so when it finally released this February, I was in love. I feel like they take Christian music to a place where it should’ve already been. “Passion” and “Never Alone” are songs that speak to my soul and “Real Love” has been my favorite. If there’s an album I had on replay the most, it’s this one. Plus, this album got nominated for a Grammy, that should tell you how good it is.

Paper Route | Real Emotion

Paper Route has been my favorite band since 2009. Any new music from them is a treat. I will admit, it took me a while to embrace Real Emotion but I’m so glad I stuck it through. The whole album is so beautiful. Paper Route has a way with words that is so lovely and once it’s paired with instruments, it’s a wonderful thing. 

LANY | Kinda

Oh LANY. Probably a band that broke my top favorite bands of all time the fastest. I remember hearing “Made in Hollywood” last year and it immediately got me interested. Although they have yet to release a full length, they released the Kinda EP. What I love about LANY is that their music feels cool, if that makes sense. If cool had a sound, they will be it. Kinda is such a chill EP and I’m crossing my fingers for a full length next year.

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Mosaic MSC | Glory & Wonder

I rarely preorder albums, but I did with this one. Mosaic has their own style of worship that makes you stop and listen. It’s fresh and gives worship a twist. It’s not just a carbon copy and I think that’s why more people need to listen to them. They have a unique voice.

Bonus: Hamilton

Bonus because it wasn’t released this year, but I did start listening to it this year. I seriously can’t stop singing it now. Who knew I would love a musical this much? 


What albums did you love this year?

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