To All Who Come to this Happy Place: Welcome

In honor of the end of the Diamond Celebration at Disneyland and my first trip to Disney World, I wanted to share a bit of why Disney is so magical. A lot of people think Disney is just a kid thing but it’s not. Walt Disney wanted this to be a place where everyone can come and escape reality and be somewhere they can be happy. Just take a sec and listen to Walt’s opening day speech.

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Fun fact: I grew up pretty close to Disneyland but only went very few times as a kid. The only memory I have is me waiting with my mom at Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the end of the day. Pretty random. So now that I’ve had my annual pass for a while, it has shown me Disneyland (and Disney in general) in a new light.

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Disneyland (and all Disney parks) are more than just a place for kids to burn off steam. It’s literally meant for everyone! It’s meant to be a place where you can escape the day’s worry and spend a day in fantasy and magic. And you know what? It succeeds. No matter where you look, there’s Disney magic happening. Before I got to spend a lot of time at Disney, I felt like I only worried about getting from one ride to another and even stopping for a break ruined my day. But now I see how much detail and time cast members put into making this an experience.

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From the shows to the custodial cast members, they genuinely want to make magic happen and they do. Just take a moment to stop and look at the visuals around you. There’s details everywhere, even in the flowers! This is a place where you can eat churros and stroll down Main Street like it’s home. It’s supposed to make adults feel nostalgic and feel free. Who doesn’t want that?

Also, there’s a HUGE Disney community on Twitter, Instagram, and of course, in the parks. I’ve made so many friends through Disney and a few of them have become close since we have other similar interests. The community is amazing because they understand Disney and it’s fun talking to people who get it.

Disneyland has taught me a lot about myself and has shown me to just love what I love and have fun. We may over think our travel plans too much and get worried things won’t turn out how we want them, but it’s time to embrace the magic that is Disney. It’s more than just another theme park, it’s a place to just imagine and dream.


What’s your favorite part about Disney? Park or just in general, I would love to know!

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4 thoughts on “To All Who Come to this Happy Place: Welcome

  • There’s always been something about Disney that I’ve loved and I think it’s that way for a lot of people. I’ve been been to Disney World once, but I’ve been dying to go back ever since. I was the same way as you–we had to get on every ride we possibly could within the amount of time we had. I’d love to go back and just enjoy the experience of Disney. 🙂

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