Is it just me or has this semester felt never-ending? Not going to lie, but this has been the toughest year yet and being two weeks away from my finals, I honestly feel like I can’t continue any longer. These are some tips I’m using this finals season, so I hope this helps you too!

1. Schedule Everything

I’ve been terrible at this these last few weeks and honestly it’s so good to keep up with it. I know sometimes it fills you with dread because that assignment you don’t want to do is due in two days, but it will give you a snapshot of everything that needs to be done and you will not miss a petty small assignment while cramming.

2. Start Early

Some people may think you’re crazy for already thinking about finals when you should be enjoying the time before it comes, but starting to write papers and glancing at your study guide will ease the anxiety of trying to do everything the night before it’s due. Figure out when your final times are and if there are study groups going on. Plus, you will have time to edit or ask your professor questions on something you don’t understand.

3. Try to Dress Up

Yes, this is probably the hardest thing to do because all you want to do is wear leggings and an over-sized shirt, but wearing your favorite outfit can give you more confidence and make you feel better. If not, at least wear your favorite over-sized shirt to keep you comfy.

4. Minimize your Junk Food Intake

If you’re like me, junk food just slows me down. Eat healthy foods and carry granola to keep your body up and alert. Plus, it will save you extra cash from buying pizza every night and the guilt of not being able to work out because you’re spending time studying.

5. Keep a Rhythm

Start a pace for finals week and keep with it. This way you don’t get distracted and mess up what you were studying. But this means you have to resist the urge to go out with your friends on an impromptu trip to the beach. Fight the urge, you’ll get time to party after.

6. Do Your Best

Simple advice but just try your best. Remember not to overwork yourself and make sure you have everything in order. Regardless of what you do, you’ll make it work and finals will be over before you know it!

Finals are by far the worst thing that can happen in our college career but we have to make it through. So do your best and drink your coffee! Best wishes everyone.

Just a twentysomething living under the California sun. I love putting words in sentences.