4 Times Reality Bites Spoke to Twentysomethings

4 Times Reality Bites Spoke to Twentysomethings

Reality Bites is a 90’s movie gem. Winona Ryder was definitely my favorite and Ethan Hawke as a existentialist bum, frustrated you in a funny way. But most importantly, this movie speaks to every twentysomething’s life as they graduate college. I mean, it captures the anxiety of growing up, finding a job, and basically living in this limbo of young adulthood. Here are the top 4 things that every twentysomething can relate to from Reality Bites.

Being done with college means paying back all that money you borrowed

Probably one of the most stressful things to think about and it comes to you before you know it and all the anxiety creeps in. Will I have enough to pay it back? Will I even have a job to be able to pay regularly? Can someone magically pay my loan so I can ride off into the sunset? It’s terrifying but it is something everyone must encounter. It’s also very symbolic how the whole starts with this scene.

We’re still awkward and don’t know how to act like adults

I mean, we pretend to be adults most of the time but usually we’re terrible at reacting during specific situations and often don’t know how to handle them. We still don’t know how to make our own appointments and try to avoid human interaction as much as possible.

4 Times Reality Bites Spoke to Twentysomethings

You’ll do anything for a job

You’re just trying to pay your bills. This means you’re applying to every place that has an opening, even if it is nothing you’re interested in doing. You just know that you’ve been studying far too long and know it’s time to work so people don’t think you’re a slacker, plus, thinking of loans comes back to your mind, so you need a job asap.

You just want to do something memorable

You’re still young and have big dreams, now it is time to put them into action. Being in our twenties is hard, but we know we want to make a name for ourselves, and we want it to happen now, not when we’re older and can’t enjoy it much. We’re all about living in the now and becoming something, which isn’t always the case.

Reality Bites definitely gets the struggles twentysomethings face, in every way. If you haven’t seen it, just stop now and go. Cheers to the years of self-doubt but great fun.