Time of Our Lives

Time of Our Lives

I’m not about writing about myself but I just need to vent, so take a rare look at my life.

All throughout this past year, people kept saying how this last year of college is dedicated to having the “Time of Our Lives.” At first, I just thought it was a cheesy saying because I know we’re living college to the fullest but it never did hit me how this is actually our moment. Years from now new kids will fill our spots and the things we did during our time in college will just be a memory we will carry on.

I know I did my Things I Learned in College But Not in a Classroom recently, but this post is more of me sharing real-life adventures and experiences because I’m going to be terribly nostalgic and all.

Growing up I didn’t think about college much, it was strange, so when it came time to apply to schools and everything, I panicked. It was such a lucky chance I got to go to my school with a scholarship, so that was the beginning of a great adventure.

MemoriesCollege is definitely a time to find out who we are and I know did. If little freshman me saw how outgoing and how much I love public speaking now, she would have a heart attack. I learned to be myself and know that it’s okay to like One Direction and Arctic Monkeys. Also, if you have random dance breaks, it’s okay. You’ll always find people who accept you as you are and you don’t have to like all the exact same things.

I think that the thing that makes me sad about leaving college is that I’m going to be leaving behind a routine I had grown so accustomed to the last 4 years. I have driven to school with my fun playlist, parked in my favorite spot, went to work and class, gone on adventures in my breaks. It’s been good.

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I’m going to miss the fact that I could go to In-N-Out and get fries, then head to the beach in between classes to relax. Nothing can beat the rush of trying to find a meter with time on it still while trying to get a toffee latte at Alta. Going to South Coast Plaza and pretending to buy every Chanel purse. Buying expensive donuts just for Instagram. I will always remember yelling out the lyrics to “Thinking Out Loud” with my friends on the dancefloor of the yacht that Beyoncé’s mom got married on a few days earlier.

Also if you haven’t noticed, I love music and I actually think that music holds more memories than anything else. This is a playlist of all the songs that hold some type of memory (and yes it is in order from freshman year to senior year and I remember) and it is probably the most random playlist you will ever encounter. It holds songs from that I remember from summer jobs to drives in my friend’s car and moments where I just needed to take a break.

Eventually, everyone moves on and the mark we all think we made today will eventually be blurred and new people will think their marks are everything. But right now, time is ours and at this moment life is happening. These are the things I will tell my kids in the future and I can honestly say they have been great.

I think this post was just meant to express the bittersweet feelings that happen when you leave a place you have come to love. There’s s sort of rush that happens when you feel like life is happening right now and all the best moments are in the process.

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This quote from The Office basically sums up my feelings:

I wish there was a way to know that you’re in “The Good Ole days” before you’ve actually left them.

What are the memories that you will miss when leaving school or a job? What is one song that will always remind you of your good times?

2 thoughts on “Time of Our Lives

  • That quote from The Office is incredibly true. I never realized how amazing college and all my little memories until it was all almost over. I still look back fondly and cherish those things so much! Those music moments will always take you back too 🙂 It’s why I have a soft spot for Flo Rida somehow.

  • Oh gosh, this post takes me back to last year, and some how reminds me of Perks of Being A Wallflower. There’s something always so nostalgic when you see a chapter close in your life.

    With Love, Fatema | creativeinthearts.blogspot.co.uk

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