Through a Song: Never Alone

Something new I want to do on here is share a thought or learning moment through songs, a quote, a verse, or anything that stands out to me. So here’s a new series called, Through A _____. As I’m constantly trying to grow my relationship with God, this would be a form of accountability for me, and a way to share what I learn and hopefully if you’re in a similar place where I am, it can help you out too. So start this out I am going to share what I’ve learned through one of my current favorite songs, “Never Alone,” by Hillsong Young & Free.

Never Alone

I’m not going to lie, but I currently feel lost. Not like I’m a lost sheep but lost as in, I have no idea where my life is headed. For as long as I can remember, I had things planned and stuff to look forward to, but now I feel like I don’t. In the midst of it all, I feel lonely, although I know I’m not, but I do. Also, when people close to me try to counsel me, I’m skeptical because I also know they just want me to be positive. So when I heard the song “Never Alone” it got to me in a quiet way that made me stop and think about what and who I should be focusing on.

In the dark, You lift my eyes. For this journey You designed. Your light guiding me. Let my heart align with You. In Your Word and in Your Truth. Your voice calling me. Faith in the unseen. *Pratt, Tracy. Never Alone. Hillsong Young & Free. 2016.

This whole first verse is essentially the prayer I needed in my life. I feel like everyone can agree that trusting God is the hardest when you don’t see things happening. I admit it’s still hard for me right now but this first verse is this constant reminder to just looking to God, no matter what. I also tend to forget so often that even when I think God is silent, He is still calling and working and I have to depend on Him, even when I feel like I’m alone in the middle of the desert and I feel like I have no water. But this song also hits on another important point.

My soul revived in your broken hands. Gracious blood wore my sin and shame. Now forever until the end. Oh, You reign. Oh, You reign.

The thing about feeling alone is that you don’t get what’s your purpose. You’re just there while everything seems to move in slow motion. But even then in our confusion, God still redeems and renews us, just because it’s who He is. He doesn’t hold our doubt against us but patiently waits until we remember that He is God and He is the one that can give us meaning. I feel like that is why “Never Alone” stood out to me. It’s not just a song telling you that you should stop being alone for cliche reasons, but it speaks on who God is and Him being great is why we should know He hasn’t left us alone.

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Listen to “Never Alone” below.


What song has been teaching you something lately? Anything that stood out?

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2 thoughts on “Through a Song: Never Alone

  • Aawwe Adriana it seems like you are in a season of growing. Yes, even though you don’t see it, your roots are being planted and if you take advantage (I am sure you are) to focus on Christ you will be deeply rooted in Him.

    One thing I do recommend during this time is fellowship! We aren’t meant to go through these seasons alone. Your family might try to help you, but because they care so much for you, they just want you snap out if (it is a weird dynamic). I do recommend a youth group, a study group and or something.

    I’ll be praying for you!

    Oh my the song I God continue speaking through was “Here Now” by Hillsong. Loved it!

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