Thoughts on Gilmore Girls

Thoughts on Gilmore Girls

Well it’s been about a week that A Year in the Life hit Netflix and the Gilmore Girls high is still strong. My hurt still flutters when I see a new Gilmore Girls tweet or article. It’s weird that I no longer have anything to look forward to, so I’m hoping they do this yearly at least. So now that the dust is settled, I wanted to spill my feelings. Here are some thoughts, with little spoilers, I promise.


Oh man, I have way too many thoughts on Rory. I will say that her struggles to find a job hit close to home. She’s a journalist like me so I get the struggles of trying to find a job. It’s hard, really hard. But seriously, some of her other choices are so questionable. Rory lost me once she went to college and I feel like she’s a brat. I’m sorry, I said it. 

Where’s the Progress

Let’s be honest, these episodes where mostly for nostalgic fans to catch up with our favorite mother-daughter duo. However, I feel like it picked up right where it left off. Yes, years and things changed, but I felt like the characters were the exact same despite the fact that it’s been almost 10 years. Jess probably had the most character growth, in my opinion.

The Real Stars

Gilmore Girls obviously follows Lorelai and Rory but in A Year in the Life, Emily and Paris were probably the best parts. Emily was absolutely amazing. She had the toughest job because she had to cope losing Richard and she tugged your heartstrings. It was great to see how she stepped out on her own. Paris was killing it. She’s still hilarious and made things interesting. I would love to see a spin-off just on Paris.

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I don’t want to spoil it because it’s still pretty new but I enjoyed it. I may also be in a minority but I loved how it ended. I didn’t feel blindsided by the final four words. The whole four episodes, especially Winter, felt kind of slow and it took me a while to get into them. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still entertaining. But it did leave it open for something else in the future, so hopefully that will bring more closure because I don’t think 4 episodes did the characters justice.


 Did you watch A Year in the Life? Were you impressed? Do you hope there’s more? If you’ve never watched it, why not? Let’s talk Gilmore Girls.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Gilmore Girls

  • I actually really liked the Rory storyline. Rory is one of those characters that on the onset seems really likable but is actually quite terrible most of the time. I don’t agree with her choices but it makes the show more interesting.

    And I agree, Paris and Emily were the best.

  • I haven’t watched the new stuff (I’m not a diehard fan and only watched the original series here and there when it was on a rerun or something). But I read all the spoilers haha. I’m disappointed in Rory’s character. I never liked her all that much but sounds like she’s gotten worse?

  • I thought the revival was good and other than the random musical stuff, I felt like they did a good job. But I hated the ending. I wanted some closure with Rory’s romantic life. And I agree that she has become a brat.

  • I totally agree on Rory. I haven’t been a fan of hers since went off to college and didn’t find her to be any more likable in the revival. Probably less likable, if I’m being honest. I appreciated that she was in a tough spot career-wise, though, because I think it’s something a lot of people her age can relate to.

    I wasn’t blindsided by the last four words, but I also wasn’t the biggest fan of them. I get the full-circle thing, but I have really mixed feelings about it.

    I really enjoyed the revival, but found it to be a little underwhelming.

  • I totally agree about Paris and Emily stealing the show! They were the stars. I kind of liked that their was no real progress as you put it. I think its realistic. Most adults are stuck in who they are, unless some traumatic event happens (like with Emily), so nothing IMO should’ve changed with Stars Hollow or Lorelai and Luke. That was one of the lessons I took away and wrote about in my post on this, is that after our twenties everything kind of jus lulls and stays the same, and it’s okay and it’s still wonderful. I think a lot of people agree with you about Rory sucking, I think it makes sense, she is flawed and has the worst parts of Christopher and Lorelai in her, while also being severely co-dependent and lacking a true identity. Which is what I was hoping we would see more of in the revival (her individuation and self discovery away from her mother) – but maybe they could tackle that if they ever picked it up!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  • I’m totally with you on Rory. 😐 I feel like she was a brat through college and after, but at the same time…that makes her more realistic since she’s not this perfect character that never does anything wrong. The only thing I reallyyy cared about for the revival was one choice couple getting/staying together and I’m glad that did end up happening, haha. 😀 I do like that they left it kinda open-ended so I’m hoping there’ll be more as well! Emily was absolutely fantastic and the Paris meltdown was glorious! 😀

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