Things You Should Do On Social Media

Things You Should Do On Social Media

No matter how much we want to avoid it, social media has become predominant in our society. The thing about social media is that it can actually be a good thing. However, it turns bad when it takes up too much of our lives or becomes a source of negativity. But we can use these outlets in positive ways and here are some things you can do to make it more enjoyable.

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Clean Up Your Following List

A big one for sure. Everyone has to do this sometime. I’m kind of a follower hoarder. I’ve had my Twitter since 2009 and I was still to this day following people from high school who I lost touch with and don’t use their accounts anymore. Every once in a while, go and clear out inactive accounts and the big one accounts that you honestly don’t enjoy. As a blogger this is a tough one because a lot of them are mutuals, but if you really don’t mind their posts unfollow them. If you have muted someone, just unfollow them. I tend to just unfollow inactive people at this point, which you can check on Crowdfire.

Follow Accounts You Genuinely Enjoy

I know personally, I would have a high number of people I follow so sometimes I wouldn’t follow accounts I enjoyed. I love a good curated account and fashion bloggers, but since I had so many posts to go through, I wouldn’t follow them. So once I took the step in cleaning up my following list, I started checking out accounts I really did enjoy. This made me more excited to actually scroll down and more inspired to get creative.

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Delete Old and Unnecessary Posts

Always take some time to clean up your actual posts because you never know how they can be dug up. All my first tweets ended with a “haha (:” and it was so cringe-worthy. I also took a day to look at old Facebook photos and deleted tons. Always remember that someone can be snooping, from an employer to random people, someone can find old, weird posts. But this also gives you a chance to delete any rants that seem silly now.

Limit What You Post

Overposting can be wrong for two different things. You can overshare about a situation in your life and airing out your dirty laundry is always a no-no. I usually type out something and wonder if this is important enough to share and usually click delete. But also, if you post too many things can get lost on your follower’s feeds. Especially if you’re a blogger, make sure you see your analytics and see when is the best times to post things.


What are some things you do on social media regularly?

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