Things You Need for Your Fitness Journey

Things You Need for Your Fitness Journey

One of the things that made me nervous when I started my fitness journey was not knowing what I needed. You know about the must haves like workout wear but I would see some people with tons of things. Here are some things you need for your fitness journey that you might not think of. There’s a lot of things that go into it that you learn as you go.


I still use MyFitnessPal but I love Lifesum. When you input what you eat, it gives you a rating on the food. So even if you’re under calories, it rates it be health benefits. Personally, I like that it breaks down your calories per day by meals and snacks so it helps to stay within limits. It’s also a fun colorful app that makes it more enjoyable to use.


I was extremely uneducated with how much I needed protein. For me, I always thought it was something you needed if you were trying to bulk. But my trainer told me how to incorporate it and how it helps for weight loss and muscle recovery. I will say that not all are created equal. So ask questions on what can work best for you. But you need protein whenever you workout!

Reusable Water Bottle

Sounds like a given but I’ve seen so many people still use plastic bottles. This is an investment in the long run. You need to drink water throughout the day and if you get the big enough, it can help to reach your goal. Buying one helped me drink water since I didn’t and I carry it everywhere.

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Bonus: A Gym Bag

It wasn’t until a few months into going tot he gym that I realized I needed a bag just for stuff I needed there. I used to carry all the things in my hand and it got annoying. But it also helped so I can carry things like towels or extra clothes. It makes everything easier, trust me.

What are some things you wish you had or new at the start of your fitness journey?

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