There’s no hiding it, twentysomethings, and millennials in general, right now aren’t always portrayed the best. The underlying thought is that we’re entitled and want things easily. Obviously it will be hard to change everyone’s minds about this but we can do things to better ourselves. Being a twentysomething is so confusing. Some people have it all together but others do not. But regardless of how it’s treating you, here are some things twentysomethings should learn to do alone.

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Stop spending money. But more than that, learn to budget to actually create a savings account. It’s easy to put a cap and not spend money for a month. But learning to budget and staying within limits to save for an overall picture is so important. Learn to budget for bills and for emergencies.

Eat Out Alone

What I mean with this is to go somewhere without pulling out your phone to look busy. Go to a restaurant and enjoy your own company. Starts somewhere small like a coffee shop and soon enough you’ll b good. It feels awkward at first but it feels great to go out and not having to rely on your phone as a crutch.

Do Basic Handy Home and Car Repairs

I personally think this is a life skill everyone should have. So what better time to learn than now! Maybe because I think of a million scenarios but what happens if you’re truly alone and your car needs an oil change or a leaky faucet needs to be tighten. Learn to do the basics and get your own tools!

Make Decisions

Don’t listen to your friends or expectations of others. There’s a lot of decisions now that will somehow shape your future. Think logically. Think long term. Think short term. Just learn to be decisive, even if it’s something minimal like going out. Make your own strong decisions.


Go explore. Go to the place you really always wanted to go, even though others didn’t really want to. Doing things on your own. This way you go at your own pace and you truly do what you want to do. Trips are supposed to be memorable, so take it as a time for you to explore and enjoy.


Being a twentysomething can be hard. What are some things you think everyone in their twenties should learn to do alone?


Just a twentysomething living under the California sun. I love putting words in sentences.

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  • Agree to all of these! I would also add to learn/know how to give first aid in case of emergency. The chances that someone might get hurt while you’re walking down the street is unlikely, but they are some really good skills to posses.
    I have a Red Cross first aid certificate, which allows me to help someone in need until the ambulance arrives. It makes me feel like I can “play” my part as a citizen and it also makes me feel a little safer.

    Cristina | *janded

  • Yes! All of these ring true to me right now, especially ‘making decisions’. I’m having to make a couple of big ones right now I need to not be influenced by others!

  • This post is so important. I think I have learned to shop alone and eat alone. The best os travelling alone! And I’m reducing my mobile usage.. And it really feels great just to be with myself. Wonderful thoughts! 🙂

  • Casey

    Great post! I agree with everything including being able to do repairs!

  • So on point! It takes courage to eat out alone especially because there’s such a mainstream stigma attached to it. But it’s lovely to treat yourself to a meal and spend more time with yourself.

    With Love, Fatema |

  • Megan

    You are so right. My favourite of these is the eating out alone one. Why is it that we feel so awkward sitting by ourselves? It is almost impossible to just sit there without pulling out your phone. I need to work on this for sure.

  • Such a great list! The home + car repair one is something I need to work on!

  • Yes to all of these!!! There is so much confidence gained when doing these things alone!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  • So true! It’s empowering when you know that you can do things alone.

  • Agreed! I’m 34 now but I do think it’s important to learn independence and know how to do some of these fundamental things without any help! I have to admit I haven’t done ALL (I’m not big on traveling alone) but I am proud to admit I live alone and have tackled several things without calling dad or mom for assistance!

  • All so true! I’m getting on top of my budget lately and have no problem in the travel realm 🙂

  • i WISH I could do car stuff. Womp womp. This is SUCH a great list and I totally agree on it all!!

  • Car stuff is definitely tricky! I don’t know what some lights on the dashboard mean still haha

  • Same here with the budget! It makes me feel so adult-y and accomplished lol

  • Yeah! Like it makes you feel like you actually have it all together!

  • Yes! I feel like when I know I can do it alone it gives me that little boost of confidence I need!

  • Same here! Those are a bit tough and I am so not handy, but definitely good things to know!

  • Right!? The first time I did this I took my phone AND my iPad and I honestly felt more awkward that way. Now I try my hardest to just enjoy my quiet time.

  • Exactly! Sometimes we don’t realize the quiet time is so good for us and just enjoying a meal without interruptions.

  • Shopping alone is a good one! I feel like on my own I tend to not buy things and end up saving!

  • I’m in the same place! Although I love that people care to give their input, sometimes it’s better to just listen to ourselves and what we think is best!

  • That’s amazing! I love that you’ll be prepared for any emergency that can happen!

  • Adriana

    THIS!!! Sooo spot on! I wish I had the guts to travel alone! Love your list!