Things to Be Grateful For

Things to Be Grateful For

Life isn’t always perfect. Lately, I’ve been pushing things aside just because I’m tired and can’t focus and it’s just dragging me down. What’s hard is that there’s so much I want to achieve that it kind of skews my perspective of the now. Sometimes we focus so much on the way we want things, instead of being happy with how they are. So to shift my perspective to just enjoy what I have, I’m making a list of what I’m grateful for in the now. Even the littlest thing can make a difference. I’m thinking of doing a post like this every once in a while to share what’s going on with me and to force me to look at all the blessings I have. So join me!

A Job

When my college graduation was coming closer, my anxiety was on high because all I thought was about what I was going to do after and all the bills I would have to pay when I had to leave my student worker job. But God being God opened doors and I had a job starting the following week after I graduated. Thinking about all the people who struggle to find a job, I’m so grateful to have something and not take it for granted.


My family has always been there but I feel like we’ve gotten closer. I know I have people that are praying for me and wanting the best. I absolutely love spending time with my niece and nephew and their crazy antics. The older I get, the more I see the value in spending time with my family and how grateful I am to have people that will never give up on me.

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Disney Pass

It’s no secret how much I love Disneyland. I feel like my Twitter and Instagram have become Disney fan accounts. I never thought I would have a pass, so I’m pretty blessed that God provided for this little expense. Disneyland gives me a good kind of nostalgia and no matter what’s going in, it makes me feel young. I could roam around for hours and everything makes me happy.

What are some things you are grateful? No matter how big or little, it is important!

5 thoughts on “Things to Be Grateful For

  • Isn’t it strange that there are times in your life when you didn’t probably appreciate your family as much as you do now? They are such a constant reminder that you’re loved and they will be the ones who are always there when everyone else seems to fall away in your life. I am grateful for the blogging community – one of my posts has been doing especially well, and it’s because of great readers, friends, and bloggers who lift up your confidence. Have a great Thursday, gal!

  • LOVE this, Adriana! I love practicing gratefulness. It is such a great way to remind yourself of the good amidst hard times. And a great way to remember God’s past faithfulness as you walk through something new. <3

  • With my father being a cancer survivor and recently just fought of the shingles, I am always thankful for health. I think this is great way to switch your perspective. Slow down a bit, the world wont end if Adriana takes a break. I am here if you need anything and praying for you.


  • You have a beautiful blog–stopping by from The Peony Project! I am so grateful for my faith and my family–life is a gift, and I am thankful for every day that God gives me.

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