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There’s More to Country Music (Guest Post)

“Country music is all the same.” “Why is it all about trucks, girls in short shorts, and drinking?” “It has all gone down the drain.”
For some reason I have come across those questions several times this past week. They are all understandable and to an extent reasonable. More often than not those that make those comments/questions, only listen to the top 40. There is nothing wrong with, but it just makes your options for country music much more limited, as someone who enjoys country music I find this a bit unfair. I have made a short list of artists that I highly believe that everyone should listen to before giving up on country music.

Aaron Watson
You may not recognize Aaron Watson, but his music is as traditional as it gets. He isn’t an “up and coming” artist, actually he has had a very established career in the state of Texas of over 15 years. He sings about what he knows and loves- family, faith, and fans.
Twitter: @aaron_watson Facebook: Aaron Watson Instagram: @aaronwatsonmusic
Shane Smith and The Saints
Shane Smith and The Saints, have a very distinctive sound. They are a mix of rock, folk making for a very rootsy sound. Their lyrics are honest and poetic. They are one of the few bands that I could actually listen to with my brothers.
Twitter: @ShaneSmithMusic Facebook: Shane Smith & the Saints Instagram: @ShaneSmithMusic
Mo Pitney
Sam Riggs and The Night People
Although Sam Riggs is still in the early years of his career there is something special about his combination of music and lyrics. That is probably thanks to the advice and guidance from Ray Wylie Hubbard. There is everything from ballads to country rock.
Twitter: @SamRiggsMusic Facebook: Sam Riggs Instagram: @SamRiggsMusic
Chris Stapleton
Now Mr. Chris Stapleton is an award nominated artist, you would think more people would recognize him. Unfortunately I have found that it’s really not the case. Christ Stapleton has written several #1 hits, and not only writes for country singers, he has written some for Adele .Recently he released an album that received plenty of recognition and it is just a reminder of what music should be like.
Twitter: @ChrisStapleton Facebook: Chris Stapleton Instagram: @Castapleton
The choices listed are based on my opinion. These are usually the artists that I personally recommend when my friends make those comments or questions. Now I am no expert on this, I am just a listener of country music and love to be able to share that with my friends and families. So tell me what yall think? Still hate it? Indifferent to it? Or have you
completely fallen in love with it? Okay, so maybe the last one is a stretch but, seriously let me know what you think.
I blog over at Smiley Shares. My blog is where I share my own reflections on life, my spiritual journey, my inner geek, and music, in particular Texas Music. You can keep up with me and my randomness on Instagram: @SmileyShares, Twitter: @SmileyShares Facebook: Smiley Shares

3 thoughts on “There’s More to Country Music (Guest Post)

  • This post is great! I have always loved almost all genres, but country just reminds me of happiness and singing along with my friends. It is so true that many people say they all sound the same, but people just need to dig a little deeper.

  • Loved this! Country music is one of my favorite genres, though I’m not familiar with these singers! I’ve been away from the USA for a while now, I know I’m missing out on music news!

  • I love country music, though I don’t listen to it regularly anymore. My husband doesn’t like the “twang.” Haha. Honestly, I haven’t heard of ANY of these artists, but I am definitely going to give them a listen now! I saw Garth in concert last year and Tom had a great time… so maybe there is hope after all 😉

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