The Value of Your Story

I came to Christ when I was thirteen. I still remember my parents telling my siblings and me that they were going to church and we tagged along and it was great. I was young, still in middle school so I hadn’t experienced much of anything negative, which in hindsight I am so grateful for. My parents have such a powerful testimony of how and where God rescued them, and although people always tried to make it seem like a family testimony, deep down I knew that their story wasn’t my story.

Sometimes people expect to hear great testimonies of how God rescued people. People want to hear about cancers being healed, extreme provisions, and, whatever big thing that led them to Christ, which is completely amazing to hear. But for me, I had a quiet life, no big rescue, no big miracle, just a small confession of faith. Truthfully, I only remember my life in Christ at this point, which is good, but it left me feeling like there’s nothing to impress people with. For a long time, this became a struggle, especially when trying to tell people about Jesus, because I felt like I had nothing to entice people to get interested. Thankfully I was never into drugs and vices so that I can be grateful for. However, it was hard to see how people would value the word of those who were rescued from the darkest pits, while I was just average. Their stories are important and resonated with people, but I knew my quiet story had a purpose with God.

The beauty of God is that He chose us, regardless of what path we were going, He picked us and has something beautiful planned and that is the greatest story of our life. I was lost but now I’m found. I could’ve been anywhere right now, but I can say that God has directed my path and that itself is a testimony. God is not stopping with me being saved, He’s guiding me to great things, that eventually will be something I can share to the world. There is still value in your story.

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Maybe you’re like me and your story is not the kind they make dramatic movies about, but that doesn’t mean your story is less valuable. The beginning of John 15:6 gets me every time, it says, “ You did not choose me, but I chose you.” Something within us interested God to choose us, which means He has plans for the continuation of your story. Meaning that if the beginning of our story of God wasn’t a big “wow,” God can still radically make things happen in your middle or end.

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Regardless of how you were saved, God is writing a story with us every day of our lives, in the little things and the bigger ones. Every day we can thank God for keeping us alive is something we can tell the world about who He is and what He can do. God may not have done something big at the beginning but that means greater things can still happen. Whatever is going on in your life can touch someone’s life and you may not even realize it. Your story is your own.

I leave you with Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” God’s not done. There’s a story He’s still writing in you.

6 thoughts on “The Value of Your Story

  • I love this post!! It resonates with me, because I was one of those people who felt that my salvation story was bland and that it couldn’t have an impact on anyone, but it can. God can use anyone and turn anything about us into a story about Him. Everyone’s story is different for a reason, and God uses all of us to manifest Him. Thanks for sharing! Found you on the Peony Project! 🙂

  • Wise words Adriana! I have felt the same way about my story, but I find when I lean into God’s will and calling, He makes life an exciting journey all on its own! He uses all of us just the same as long as we are willing!

  • So, SO good. I have talked with so many people who share that feeling that because they didn’t have a crazy, dramatic transformation their story is somehow less valuable. Thank you for this valuable encouragement that God chooses each of us in our own way and His own way, and there is beauty in that.

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