The Truth About Grad School

The Truth About Grad School

Going back to school after undergrad was rough. I was mentally checked out in every way but I knew I wanted to get my master’s. It was quite a journey but I made it. Grad school was an interesting experience. I loved being part of a school again but at the same time I questioned it a lot. So here’s the truth about grad school.

Is It Really Needed?

I think this is the biggest thing people ask. My answer is that it depends on what career you want. I got my master’s in public relations, which I feel like in this field it isn’t really needed it. I personally just wanted to get it. But there are other fields where you have to have it to move forward. So make sure to research thoroughly and analyze why you’re trying to do it.

Is It Harder?

Yes and no. There is a bigger level of expectation because, in my program at least, we were expected to know a lot of the things and were merely building from it. Speaking from my experience, my professors presented us the material and we did the work. Yes, we learned but they expected us to already know all the foundation. This is important because I went from journalism in undergrad to PR in grad school, so I had to teach myself some things. I would say it is a bit more challenging and moves at a faster pace.

Compared to Undergrad

Undergrad teaches you all the main tools for your field. For me, I felt like grad school builds upon that and makes you dig deeper. So instead of learning a concept, we are taking the concept and analyzing it in how it’s supposed to work. Again from my experience, my program was more about the application of it and gathering the research, whereas undergrad was learning about them. It may depend on the program as well, so it’s important to look into that.

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Final thoughts: I enjoyed grad school. I personally wanted to do it because I wanted to earn my hood and see how far I can take my education. If you value education and/or need to get ahead in your career, I say go for it. But don’t sweat it if you don’t think it’s for you.

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