The Rise to the Top

The Rise to the Top

Something my dad always told me is to work hard to make sure I was able to take care of myself. From working full-time, to blogging, freelance writing, and now going to grad school, I realized that I can slay my professional life. Writing is my passion and I will definitely rise to make my mark in my career. It’s not easy but it’s showing me how strong you have to be to make it all work. Here’s how I make it all happen.


If you haven’t watched the first season of Queen of the South (which you should), Teresa Mendoza overcomes the lowest low and shows her rise to Queenpin. She not only shows that you can rise up from your circumstances, but in season two, she shows that sometimes your own instincts are the only way you can survive. It’s a challenge to stay on top, it’s up to you to fight for it.

How I #Slay

I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit hard trying to keep on top of my professional career. From networking to keeping your resume recent, there are plenty of times that I was close to giving up. Adding grad school to the mix was honestly a bit of a crazy choice to add to my plate, but it’s well worth it. I’ve gotten all A’s so far, which has been a very pleasant surprise since I’ve been out of school for a couple of years. I’m keeping up at work and even have an article getting printed for a freelance job. Sacrifice is so important. There’s tons of things I have to say no to and things I have to set aside to make things happen. If I want to rock a thing, it will be my career and I won’t stop until I accomplish all my dreams.

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Teresa’s story in Queen of the South is a great example of fighting to rise to the top even when life deals you a bad hand. Whatever is your passion, you better know that you can become the queen of it, put your heart and work into it.

Watch the recap of season 1

Make sure to watch the second season of Queen of the South on June 8th 10/9c on USA Network.

So how do you rise up and slay in your life?

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