The Perfect Summer Playlist

The Perfect Summer Playlist

Having the perfect soundtrack can make your summer. Summer songs get released every year to the point that there are polls to decide which will define the year. Music can hold some of the best memories. There’s not much more of an intro I can do. So here’s the perfect summer playlist to get the good moments going.

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Lorde – Supercut

It took me a while to warm up to Lorde when her first album came out. But I do enjoy her music now. Her music is summer vibes all around. From “Team” to “Green Light,” there’s a Lorde song for you. I added “Supercut” because it’s an underrated song. Lorde is a solid artist so any song that isn’t a single is actually pretty good. Truthfully, add any Lorde song and you’re good.

Hillsong United – Might Sound Wild

The People album is one of my favorites this year. “Might Sound Wild” is the best song to drive around to and sing out loud. Live songs just add another element of fun. This album will be in repeat anyway the rest of this year. But this song is one of the perfect ones for the good times this summer.

Two Door Cinema Club – This is the Life

An oldie but the quintessential summer song. Anytime I think of summer I think of this song. Heading to the beach or even just hiking up a hill, this is the song. Play it for anything. This song will honestly hype you up for everything. I will always add this to every year’s playlist.

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Check Out My Perfect Summer Playlist Below

What’s your perfect summer song? I’m a big fan of finding the right songs for summer because they will bring the best memories if I go back and listen!

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